Organization of space

30 ideas for the useful use of the corners of your apartment


You have finished the interior, but do not feel yourselfComfortable? Perhaps you completely forgot about the design of the corners. We will teach you how to use them properly - we have as many as 30 ideas There is nothing more sad than empty corners - they look as if the owner of the room has just moved and has not yet bought enough furniture. Active filling of corners, on the contrary, instantly gives the interior a residential appearance. Such a valuable space should not be lost.

Corner gallery

Angle is a wonderful place for a small exhibitionFavorite pictures and photos. Do not overload walls, hang frames evenly and harmoniously distribute them. The role of the gallery can play even the speaking corner - here art will not go unnoticed, and the interior will immediately play with all colors. Another option is the home information center for family councils and planning. Let in a corner there is a board for announcements, a paper for records and a calendar.

Reading corner

The position in the corner is always the most advantageous andComfortable. The walls here are protected from two sides, besides this is a place from where it is convenient to observe everything that is happening without attracting attention to yourself. Arrange a cozy corner for reading and relaxing in the bedroom, living room or nursery. You can put a cozy armchair and floor lamp in a corner, or you can simply put more pillows. The main thing that you feel comfortable.

Work Corner

If you work from home, and a separate officeno, a place for a chair and a laptop can be found in the corner. An additional bonus - by the window in the bedroom or in the kitchen. There is enough light and the opportunity to distract yourself by looking out into the street.

We decorate corners

If all the furniture is already in place, and about the cornersYou forgot - it's not too late to occupy them, for example, with a high floor vase or house plants. The more spacious the room, the larger the decoration should be. If you think that one vase or flower looks lonely - create a composition of several objects. Make sure there is enough light for the plants in the corner.

Mirror in the corner

Affect the geometry of the room by placing a mirror in the corner. The angle is exactly the point where the reflection will work on lighting, and the visual increase in space is most effective.

Table in the hallway

A small corner table is useful in the hallway. It can completely repeat the shape of the corner without leaving too much space, but remember that random things quickly accumulate in such a convenient place - forgotten books, glasses and keys, a cup that was carried to the kitchen and distracted, mobile phones and other trifles. You have two options: to prevent this, taking a table lamp or decor, or encouraged by providing boxes and shelves for storage.

Corner shelves

There are plenty of options - capacious racks andSmall open shelves, enveloping the corner, bookshelves and a shelf-substitute for the bedside table. The corner is a great place to store and demonstrate what you appreciate in any room in the house.

Corner in the kitchen

This furniture is called - the "kitchen corner". Ideally fits into a small room, outlines the dining area, and just creates a cozy atmosphere. And in the corners of the kitchen you can placeWonderful corner storage boxes. So you will be sure that not one centimeter of the square does not vanish in vain - their capacity is almost twice as large as that of simple rectangular ones.

Lamp in the corner

In the corners - the darkest zones of the room, so it is logical to put a lamp here. Or do not put, and hang - even a very unusual form is permissible.

Corner wardrobe

Provide storage space for clothes, shoes, and jewelry in the corner of your bedroom. By the way, this is not the only idea of ​​organizing the wardrobe in unexpected ways - see our about it. To find out even more about beautiful and functional interior furnishings, read our other.,