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30 cool and simple ideas for bedside tables -


What could be simpler than a bedside table:important for your bedroom comfort and is sold in any furniture store. Don't want to live up to standards and prefer to fill your home with unique things? For you - 30 bright and easy-to-implement ideas for creating furniture that will make your interior unique Here we store glasses and watches, put a glass of water here and put your favorite books: a bedside table is an important element of the comfort of your rest. But if the bedroom is in need, and you are tired of standard things, then the easiest way is to start with it: a little imagination, and you will be proud of your original interior.


The idea is brilliant in its simplicity: old suitcases can be turned into a convenient bedside table. They are made of enough dense material to serve as furniture, besides they give any interior a sense of retro and remind of adventures and travel. Paint the suitcase, if you want, and just attach the legs to it from the old chair.

A shelf

Regular open shelf of any configuration onbed level is a wonderful thing. It takes up less space than conventional bulky bedside tables and visually makes even the tightest bedroom look larger. Plus - doubled: inside a shelf of a suitable shape and on it.


A small staircase or step-ladder - uniquea variant of a bedside table, but why not? Fashionable, original and quite comfortable - just make sure that the steps are wide enough to store what you need.

Suspended nightstand

Maybe you don't want to ruin the wall with fixings- then just hang the shelf, which acts as a bedside table, to the ceiling. Saving space is obvious, and the shape can be absolutely any. Use rough ropes for country style, steel chains for industrial interiors, and ribbons for crafting.


A variation on the use ofthe bedside table of an open shelf, but with an unexpected turn: use a simple box from wine or fruit. Give the tree a nobility, treated with stain and painted. And having folded several boxes, you can create a very interesting configuration with a lot of storage options.

A stack of magazines

If you read before bedtime, sooner or later nearWith a bed, magazines, books and newspapers begin to accumulate. At some point, there are so many of them that it's time to get rid of them or ... turn them into a nightstand! Let love for fashion and printed word serve for the benefit of your interior: the area of ​​a standard magazine allows you to comfortably place on it even a lamp, not to mention the glasses and watches. And you will always have something to read!