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4 inviolable decor rules for small bathrooms -


Even the smallest space can beinteresting and visually rich. However, than this space is smaller, the more difficult it is to work with it. Today we have found and formulated for you 4 basic rules for decorating a room, the area of ​​which is almost always too small

The more difficult the task, the more interesting it is to find a solution.This statement is especially true for the interior design of small spaces. Today we're going to take a look at the basic rules for decorating tiny bathrooms. 1. Outdoor storage

Cabinets devour huge amounts of space. Therefore, we suggest that you leave everything you need to hide in a small drawer under the sink. The main storage systems should be made open. Thus, towels, bubbles and bottles will turn into decor objects. 2. Functionality

This characteristic is one of the keydecorating any small space. Things that carry in themselves an exclusively decorative load, there is no place in the bathroom with a modest footage. Therefore, if you intolerably want to decorate your bathroom, take the time to look for decorative items that can be used as a hanger, shelf or organizer. 3. Thoughtful palette

Take care of the color scheme of the bathroomroom is still at the construction stage, because change the color of the walls in the bathroom is not so simple. In a small bathroom, we advise you to give preference to neutral background shades, in order to supplement the interior with bright accents. 4. Accents

Bright details will help to make even the tiniestspace is interesting and dynamic. At the expense of accents the view will constantly move, not concentrating at the same time on the footage. It is best to choose 2-3 bright shades and realize them in a constant and variable role. For example, paint the mirror frame in a rich shade of tiffany and support it with a soap box, a towel and a soap dispenser. As the second shade in this case, a bright yellow (mat, curtain, etc.) is suitable.