The interior of a small kitchen

4 places for a refrigerator in a small kitchen

At the door

If planning allows, you can installunit at the door. This is suitable if there is a comfortable corner or a flat wall near it. If there is an opportunity to order the furniture to the master, then you can always choose the optimal size for your room.

Under the work surface

If the family consists of 2–3 people, thenThere is no need to buy a large fridge. Choose for yourself a low model of about 50 cm. It can be hidden under the table top, which perfectly saves space.

Not in the kitchen

If you want to buy a full model, butthere is not enough space - consider installing it in another room. For example, a storage room, adjacent room or even on the balcony, if it is glazed. But then you should consider the style of the room where it will be located.