45 warm and cozy interiors with rugs


When the weather is bad outside the window, I want to return soonhome, sit in your favorite armchair with a good book and a cup of tea, wrap yourself in a blanket ... We have collected 45 incredibly warm interiors with blankets for you, and they will definitely not let you freeze! Plaid is an almost irreplaceable thing, especially in our latitudes. Often, blankets help us out on cool summer evenings, and in autumn and winter, we simply cannot do without them. In addition to the "warming" function, the blankets also have a decorative one: they make the interior warmer, more homely and habitable, add texture and color accents, complement or set off the general style of the room. Knitted plaids never went out of fashion. Openwork or dense matings, variegated or monophonic - they always found their place in the design, helping to create warm interiors. Several years (more precisely, winters) back in a cozy assortment of blankets the trend on the model of a large mating quickly broke and was delayed for a long time. These rugs are suitable for almost any style, perfectly combined with furniture and textiles of a variety of materials. Fur rugs are much more demandingGeneral style of the room: for example, in a room in the style of Provence fur will not be too appropriate. Shebbie chic, Japanese or Mediterranean style, too, will not be so easy to tie in with a fur rug. But surrounded by classic and neoclassic, fur rugs look great. They perfectly fit in Scandinavian interiors, effectively emphasize minimalism and loft. Modern designers offer plaids fromAll kinds of natural and artificial materials, of various sizes and colors ... However, traditional plaid rugs remain loved and in demand for many decades! It's not at all necessary for a plaid to be an accent: by picking it up in the tone of the interior and not stopping on complex textures, you can imperceptibly bring a note of comfort and make the interior warmer. Textured blankets, if they do not serve as the only accent of the interior, are often better supported by other textiles: carpet, pillows. Perhaps the most wonderful property of the rugs is,That they add to "cold" interiors of heat, and strict - coziness. Look at these interiors and try to imagine them without plaids. Is not it true, with plaids - much more comfortable? Even cold shades are softened by cozy textures. Plaid will help create a warm interior not only inBedroom or living room, but in other rooms. It is almost universal object, and especially it is indispensable in the children's room: you can be sure that the baby will always be warm and comfortable.


  • Choosing a blanket in the nursery, stop on materials that will withstand more than one wash. Surely you will sometimes have to clean it of paints or clay.
  • Pay close attention to the safety of the chosen model: no small parts that could get into the airways (beads, rhinestones), no long fringe (to avoid suffocation).
  • It is better to stay on natural or semi-natural (mixed) materials. The latter, as a rule, are more durable and easy to clean.
  • Finally a small lifhak: with the help of a rug you can create a warm interior and on the balcony, turning it into an even more cozy corner and slightly extending the breakfast season in the fresh air.,, yuterra.Ru,,,,,,,,,, pprint.,,,,