5 hotels in Paris with the most spectacular views from the window

Paris ... What city can be more beautiful ?! The inviting capital of France attracts tourists from all over the world. But where to stay to enjoy the incredible panoramas of the city? In our article - hotels with the best views of Paris. Elegant Eiffel Tower, the spacious Champs Elysees, the tempting banks of the Seine, the royal Versailles and Notre-Dame de Paris - all this immediately mentally takes us to Paris. This wonderful city attracts millions of tourists every season. And every person who visited the capital of France was fascinated by her and left in his heart only the warmest and most vibrant memories of her. More positive emotions and brightYou can get impressions if you live in a beautiful and comfortable hotel during your holiday with incredible views of the city. Let's get acquainted with the 5 most beautiful of them.

1. Shangri-La Hotel

Perhaps it is the Shangri-La Hotel that claims tothe title of the most luxurious hotel in Paris. The former palace of Prince Roland Bonaparte, grand-nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, embraces the Seine in a quiet corner of the capital. The Eiffel Tower is so close that it seems like you can reach it with your hand. Gold leaf and bronze wall reliefs, intricate ceiling paintings and marble bathrooms - all this creates the feeling of being in a museum until you remember that you have already paid for a room and will spend the night here.

2. Terrass Hôtel

The 4-star Terrass Hôtel is located on a hillMontmartre, so the guests of this wonderful place have a stunning panorama of Paris, and it seems as if the city is at your feet. The rooftop patio terrace is even more impressive, and La Terasse's unparalleled cuisine will create an irresistible charm. If you feel like walking, the Moulin Rouge and the Byzantine-style Sacre Coeur Basilica are great places for a leisurely and exciting walk.

3. Hôtel Les Dames du Panthéon

Such apartments are very suitable for loversFrench decor that will simply be in love with these exquisite rooms. The windows facing the French Pantheon, as well as the proximity to the Luxembourg Garden and Notre Dame give all the guests not only comfort, but also aesthetic pleasure.

4. Raphael

This is a 5-star luxury hotel, trulyexpensive and luxurious. Suitable for fans of chic and gloss. Performed in the styles of Louis XV and XVI, it has a panoramic terrace that will allow you to enjoy all the beauties and sights of Paris.

5. Splendid Etoile

The rooms here are designed mainly for two(though there is a room with an extra bed), but all the rooms are very comfortable and made in the style of Louis XV. Splendid Etoile gives its guests scenic views of the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysées.,,,