How to expand the space in the apartment

5 practical recommendations for small apartments


Living in a small apartment is quite difficult. But the problem can be greatly facilitated by competent statement of values. For example, by inventing an interior, you can deliberately miss a number of important pieces of furniture. Let's take a closer look at the proposed option.

1. True division into zones

One of the main enemy of small premises -abundance of walls and corridors. Here, only the bedroom and the toilet are separated by walls. The tiny kitchenette is decorated with unnatural stones of bright color and shiny black floor. This connection does not hurt the eyes, despite the sharp color ratio, as there is also a dark sofa against the snow-white finish of the other walls.

2. Interesting decor

With the wrong approach, the ascetic innerthe decoration reveals a negative trait - the devastation. In this case, it is easier to improve the situation with a reasonable finish. Here the designers used not only different colors, but also materials, which undoubtedly helped with the space delimitation.

3. Getting rid of unnecessary furniture

The landlord is not predisposed to attackinformation hunger, so the TV is not available here. He also doesn’t like to have a sit-in and doesn’t plan to start a family for some time, so the designers decided to free him from useless things - a big table, chairs and most stools. Sure introverts will accept this kind of method with delight, while others need to get accustomed to their sofas and chairs and massive dressers, perhaps their time has come.

4. storage concept

Wardrobes probably occupy the mostplaces. On this living space they are not found anywhere. If the dining table can be changed to the bar, the dressing room can not be replaced with anything. One way to reduce clutter is to stash them somewhere out of sight. For example, in the corridor they already contained five pieces.

5. A drop of warmth.

The minimalist design from Scandinavia sometimesIt is only pustovat, but also very cool. In this room, one fireplace is not enough, so they used a non-complicated and very beautiful method - display. A woody floor in warm colors seems to project warmth onto the walls in the guest room. Variants of this method we note in the bedroom and in the front.