Organization of space

5 rules for the design of a small bathroom


How to fit everything you need into a small bathroomso that it continues to remain comfortable and cozy. Often people use it as a safe place in the apartment, a personal sanctuary, where you can wash away the stress of the day and relax. Many will be surprised how this can be done in? And we will answer: small does not mean inconvenient! And we will give examples. After all, with smart space planning, your small bathroom can look bigger and more comfortable than you thought.

1. Color

Choose soft color schemes for a visualenlarge a small bathroom. Color changes our perception of room size, but, oddly enough, in very small bathrooms the "light color is better" scheme does not work. Try to avoid warm saturated colors - orange, red, grassy green. It's hard to stay in such bathrooms for more than five minutes. Surprisingly, dark colors work well: deep gray, brown,.

2. Lighting

Built-in lighting is the best choice for smallbathroom. Like color, light can also make a small bathroom visually more spacious. Forget chandeliers, pendants and any large lamps that take up too much space. In addition, a soft glow can blur the boundaries of the bathroom, making the space larger than its actual size. Additional light sources can be added near the sink.

3. Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, help spacelook bigger and create a virtually new bathroom. In addition to the sink, the mirror can be hung on the cabinet door or perpendicular wall to create room volume.

4. Small sink

In a small bathroom choose a small sinksize. Large shells are popular because they offer a good storage system. But they also "steal" free space. Tulip or wall sink - ideal for a small bathroom. You can also think about the corner sink. Our opinion: - At first glance it seems that the bigger the closet, the more spacious it is. This is only partly true. Owners of small bathrooms have to thinly balance between the possibility to save space and seem practical. The shelves above the sink and the door can hold at least as many objects as the closet.

5. Storage

A small bathroom uses every possiblespace for extra. For example, a corner of a shower niche provides additional space for shampoo or soap. You can also install built-in cabinets above the sink. The shelves can be positioned above the toilet or by the window. Also, there is usually little use of the space above the head, near the ceiling. Our opinion: - In the bathroom you always want to store all toiletries, cosmetics, lotions, shower gels. A lot of baskets and shelves will store cosmetics and shampoos separately from towels.

6. Shower or bath

A small bathroom does not always fitand a bath at the same time. A serious choice lies ahead: more free space (in case you choose a shower) or the opportunity to soak up the foam (when it comes to the bath). The curtain not only adds personality to the bathroom, but also visually separates it. Therefore, if you want to preserve the openness and space of the bathroom, it is best to enclose the shower or bathtub with glass doors.