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5 simple and necessary tips for those who decorate their interior for the first time


Interior can not be considered complete withoutCompetently chosen decor. Today we will talk about the simplest, but very important secrets of decoration. Especially they will need those who first started doing it. Today's article is devoted to how to decorate an apartment with the help of objects, without which we can not do without. Five important tips will help you complete the decor, without cluttering the room with unnecessary details.

1. Become an adult

Happy in adolescence and adolescencethe owners of their own room wanted to reflect as much as possible all their interests and hobbies in it. On the walls - posters of stars, on the shelves - sports trophies, on the bed - hordes of plush toys. In the space of one room, I wanted to place everything that is sweet and dear to my heart. Having matured, we realize that now we are responsible for the decor of not one small room, but the whole apartment. And this issue must be approached responsibly. First of all, free the apartment from such trifles as medals, cups and certificates of honor, hung or arranged in orderly rows along the wall. Place all of these items in drawers or opaque cabinets. From this, your room will not lose its individuality. But the illusion of disorder will disappear.

2. Lighting

Various lighting options are not onlyspectacular decor elements. Chandeliers, lamps, candles and lanterns create a unique atmosphere in the apartment. It is desirable for the light to come from multiple sources. Pay attention to the dimming function. There are general, directional and accent lighting types. General decorative lighting is spotlights and LED panels. Directional bright lights highlight individual parts of the room. With the help of accent lighting, design and decor elements are highlighted. Use lanterns and candles in your interior decor. They create a cozy and romantic atmosphere. Neutral beige candles will fit into almost any decor. The main thing is to choose the right candlestick. Our opinion: - As candlesticks, you can use glass jars or glasses, decorating them with twigs, ribbons or dried flowers. Such candlesticks can be placed on a table or suspended on a string.

3. Color Accents

Walls play an important role in the decor of the room.Paint them a dull light color to accentuate the decorative elements. If you do not want to clutter up the room with unnecessary items, let the wall become an independent element of the decor. You can select one wall, painting it in a bright(Or, conversely, very dark) color. Alternatively, apply decorative plaster to the wall. If you decorate a children's room or kitchen, one of the walls can be covered with slate paint. On such a wall, children can paint their masterpieces, and you - write touching messages for the household.

4. Use drapes

Peace and quiet create a cozy atmosphere in the house.This is especially true if you are decorating a bedroom. There are several simple ways that you can get rid of unnecessary noise. The simplest of them is the use of fabric in the interior. It can be heavy from floor to ceiling, carpets with soft long pile, velor fabric upholstery. Well, if you've always dreamed of a four-poster bed - it's time to make your dream come true! Our opinion: - If you want to put a chair in the bedroom, take a look at the elegant and very cozy deep chairs in the traditional English style. High backrests, soft cushions and small footstools are ideal for a comfortable rest.

5. Mirrors

There are many ways to use. In addition to traditional mirrors in bedrooms and hallways, you can create a composition, use such elements in furniture decor, or cover an entire wall with mirrors.