With your own hands

5 things to do before the end of January

After a long New Year's EveIt is difficult to return to the usual rhythm of life. We need a plan! We have prepared for you 8 items, the implementation of which will help restore harmony inside and outside. Everyone likes holidays. But the longer they last, the harder it is for us to return to the measured routine. We have prepared for you a special plan of 5 steps and 8 points, which will help make the transition from carefree fun to everyday care as painless as possible. So, here's a list of things to do before the end of January.

Reasonable cleaning

One of the priority cases that needDo after the holidays, is cleaning. But cleaning is also necessary with the mind. Instead of throwing empty glass bottles from under the drinks, it's best to turn them into. So you get rid of garbage, and refresh the interior. Particular attention should be paid to bottles, which were drinks of famous brands. Perhaps you could not imagine, but from the usual bottle of Jack Daniel's can be done. But not only bottles can be excellentAddition of decorative composition. Conventional wine corks, too, should not be "introduced" to the garbage can. The more jams you save, the more interesting and necessary things you can of them.

Extend the feeling of a holiday

Hiding Christmas decorations in boxes, leaveIn reserve a small fragment of a golden garland-rain. With his help, as well as with the participation of younger members of the family, you will be able to create a charming shiny and thereby a little longer to prolong the holiday.

To cheer up

To get rid of mild melancholyAfter the holiday, add some bright cheerful accents to the interior, preferably orange shades. After all, it is the orange that is rightfully considered the most active, energetic and cheerful color. Not sure if new details fit into the color palette of your house? Then carefully read about that,.

To work as a holiday

The most stressful moment after the holidayPeriod is usually going to work. To facilitate the return to workdays, treat yourself to a few more presents in the form. A compact coffee maker will not let you "nod", and a game lie detector will make the process of discussing holiday adventures with employees even more exciting.

Build plans

The beginning of the year is a great time to make plans. In this business, the main thing is to find a compromise between dreams and an unstable economic reality. So if planning a repair, think about where and what you can save. Literate will help you keep within the budget and realize the maximum of your design fantasies. If you want to change the color paletteIts interior, it is worth paying attention to the color trends that will be. They are surprisingly contradictory, but there are also advantages in this: among the contrasting color solutions, everyone can find their ideal shade combination. Have you made plans? Excellent. Start implementing them right now, and your year will be successful! For example, transform the old, insanely. It does not take much time and effort. Literally several original contrasting pillows can make an impersonal piece of furniture more stylish and attractive. roomble.com