How to expand the space in the apartment

50 photos of visual "expansion" of space

A lot of people live involuntarily in,tiny houses or in such modest conditions that it can create a bad emotional atmosphere in the family. Some intentionally move into such apartments to pay the minimum rent, while others are forced to live in them for a long time. Those who wish to change their lifestyle a little bit, or just learn how to work rationally and aesthetically with the existing room, shades and furnishings, we will talk about some aspects of a spectacular redevelopment. In order to achieve the desired, it does not matter strictly to comply with our wishes. Select only those that fit only you, as a result, the effect will be amazing!

Window openings

If you want to decorate them with curtains, selectthem under the shade of the wallpaper, so that there is no obvious imbalance. And the silhouette is preferred weightless tulle to the floor, which visually pulls the volume of the room. The window blocks are very rarely covered with curtains.

The space outside the window

If you have wide openings with a beautiful natural landscape, then try to add its notes and tones to the decoration. This will combine the environment with the interior and perfectly increase the area of ​​housing.


Low large are more suitable for suchapartments. Also in a modest space transforming and mobile headsets and glass furniture, which is very popular in recent years, will fit wonderfully.

Storage systems

Free up the rooms. Try to remove unnecessary items that you have not used for a long time. Do not be too attached to the headset. Decisively throw out accessories and decorative parts that do not fit the decoration of the decoration. And what you need, put in boxes, boxes and the rest.


To small apartments purchased open andone-piece volume, try to connect adjacent areas of the apartment with a tint scale and floor covering. Even if they are used for it, it is better to choose their tones to the maximum degree of similarity. This method will also be wonderful to act on the visual increase in footage.