Apartments more than 90 sq.m.

The 5 most expensive New York apartments for sale -

How much, in your opinion, can cost an apartment with a viewManhattan from all the windows at once? And the apartment with its own elevator and three floors? In our selection you will find five insane ways to spend a New Year's Eve

West Side.This strange combination of letters is called the New York area with the most expensive real estate in the United States. The average cost of local apartments is approaching $ 6.5 million. Today we take a look at the most expensive apartments in this elite area. 730 Park Avenue - $ 25 million

You can get to this apartment only throughprivate. The apartment has six bedrooms with six adjoining bathrooms, a living room with a bay window, a huge dining room and three multimedia rooms. As for the interior, here cozy English classics get along well with restrained modern minimalism. 70th Street, Mellon House, 125 E - $ 41 million

Paul and Bunny Mellon built this one half a century ago.(Paul and Bunny Mellon). From the very beginning, the building was conceived as a hymn to French neoclassicism. High ceilings, eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms, a patio with a fountain and French chic - what else do you need to feel at home? Only $ 41,000,000. Park Avenue, 740 - $ 44 million

This apartment designed by an architectRosario Candela, recently renovated and now the 12-room can open from a completely new side. We do not know what the apartment was before, but now it is luxurious. The 18th floor of the hotel Sherry-Netherland - $ 85 million

15-room apartment with a panoramic view of theManhattan completely occupies one of the floors of the hotel Sherry-Netherland. The seller says that there is everything you need for a family with children, and for a bachelor who loves to roll up noisy parties. Penthouse hotel - $ 95 million

This penthouse occupies the last three floors of the hotel,allows you to move between floors on your own elevator, accommodates 16 rooms and is ready to incessantly impress the imagination with an abundance of shades, textures and bold stylistic solutions.