6 cult places of design, which visited the editorial in Paris -


Our article will be useful to everyone who is in love withdesign, who is close to the French style, as well as those who are going to visit Paris and find something amazing here for their interior. We will not tell you about museums and parks, we will not take you to the flea market. Our travel notes are not about that. But you will get acquainted with amazing French brands, trips to showrooms, a royal welcome and ... the Eiffel Tower, which we will show you from an unexpected angle. 130 years of Moissonnier

You must have seen the advertisement of the factory dresserMoissonnier: pink, pot-bellied, with three drawers, so cute, so French, so desired. This year the factory celebrated 130 years. The party was held in the Parisian showroom in the Saint-Germain area. Champagne poured a river and everyone in a dizzying ecstasy admired the new beautiful colored buazery factory. Moissonnier always liked the color, there was never anything beige and gray. The color of fuchsia, turquoise, the color of the first grass, lemon-yellow, emerald - preserving the traditional for every historical style shape, the designers of the factory allowed themselves to remove part of the decor, compensating for its lack of an abundance of bright color. We liked the living room, in which there were mixed so many delightful shades.

Will be in Paris - look here, at Rue de l'Université, 52, you will admire the objects of the factory and will be inspired to use the color in your interior. 170 years of Yves Delorme This French brandhome textiles are known all over the world. The quality and design of Yves Delorme bed linen is truly royal, therefore the company celebrated its birthday in a royal manner. The editorial board has not seen such a palace reception for a long time. On September 6, Yves Delorme gathered 300 guests from all over the world in the famous Salomon de Rothschild mansion. The luxurious interiors of this architectural monument of the 19th century served as an excellent backdrop for the presentation of the magnificent collections of bed linen of the aforementioned brand. Each hall of the mansion was decorated in such a way as to emphasize the merits of one or another line of textiles; especially for this event, the mansion was illuminated with muted light of different shades. All evening enchanting classical music played. The guests could talk with the head of the Fremaux Delorme holding Dominique Fremaux, with the new chief designer of Yves Delorme Laurence Rouet, as well as with Slava Zaitsev, who has been the head of the Yves Delorme representative office in Russia and the CIS for 20 years. In general, everyone who was able to get here will remember the party for the next five to seven years for sure. The addresses of all 12 Parisian boutiques of Yves Delorme are not given, but on the main shopping street in Paris it is Rue Saint Honoré, 153; in Moscow, of the three boutiques, the most famous is located on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 26 p. 1; there are also several boutiques of this expensive lingerie in St. Petersburg. Anniversary Promemoria in a narrow circle 10th anniversarythe Parisian boutique Promemoria, on the contrary, was celebrated in a narrow, almost family circle. The small showroom at 35 Rue de Bellechasse was packed so that the apple had nowhere to fall. Among the guests, the editorial board recognized several Russian architects and designers. This "home" party could be heard from afar: the guests went outside and continued their communication, standing in front of the windows, since the weather was good, and there was no end to the treats and meals. The star of the evening was unexpectedly the architect Tatyana Mironova, who brought to Paris a signal copy of the second and third volumes of the book of her selected interiors. There was no end to those wishing to see the luxurious edition. You can get acquainted with the masterpieces of Promemoria not only in Paris and Milan, but also in Moscow, at Smolenskaya Street, 7. Eiffel Tower and its toilets Who has not seen it!It has been standing on the Champ de Mars since 1889. Each visitor considers it his duty to be photographed against the background of her powerful torso. The tower has long become an integral symbol of Paris, but the Parisians did not recognize its right to exist at all at once. After the tower was built for the international exhibition (it was originally assumed that the tower would be a temporary structure), a wave of protests captured not only Paris, but all of France. To shame, the protest was supported even by prominent scientists, artists and art workers - 300 people even during its construction demanded not to let "this monster" be built. She seemed to them a monster, spoiling the entire historical appearance of the city. By the way, the tower changed color several times after its construction. And just at the beginning of its existence, it was not brown-gray (now patented color of the Eiffel Tower), but ... red! That wondrous "Venetian" red color, which is more similar in tone to a pioneer tie, rather than the red that is used to dress the chairs of auditoriums. The story of red was raised not so long ago, when companies and specialists from various fields were invited to reconstruct the tower. The plumbing company Roca also took part in this process, which was engaged in the arrangement of toilets. And it was here that the story of the red tower took a new turn. It was decided to design the restrooms on the first site in red, and for this the Roca company ordered a special sanitary ware - in the same “Venetian” red. The editors have already written about these toilets, but when we arrived in Paris, we realized that our journalistic duty obliges us to see them with our own eyes. Yes! We were here and photographed them, and climbed the tower, and besides the toilet, we also found an elevator wheel painted with this beautiful red. And in addition, they found several places where, under the peeling gray paint, the native color of the architectural muse of Paris is visible. We do not write the address, you all know it. The standard of Limoges porcelain At the JL Coquet boutique wedropped in on the very last day of the trip. No, there was no party here, but a tour was specially arranged for us - one of the smallest and most expensive shops in Paris. It is located in the very heart of the city, on the famous Rue Royale, 7. By the way, the tour lasted for an hour, and it was incredibly interesting to learn new and new facts about porcelain and the peculiarities of the use of services, and we would have stayed for another two hours or even three, but the plane did not wait. However, the material has accumulated on several articles. The main thing that we were really surprised with is that it turns out that any product made from porcelain mixed in Limoges has the right to be called Limoges porcelain, that is, even in other European countries such porcelain can be made. And often many manufacturers even buy finished products from Limoges, and then they are only painted by hand. But not all that glitters is gold. True Limoges quality is born where the whole process is in one hand: from kneading the mass to baking porcelain and its decor. What we have personally seen: JL Coquet porcelain is so thin that it shines through (although it is not bone). You can draw conclusions about the design yourself: this brand has a truly avant-garde, although truly aristocratic. Recently, in order to help the consumer to distinguish "Limoges porcelain" from the real, from and to that produced in Limoges, local Limoges factories have agreed to put a green stamp on their products - "Made in Limoges". Porcelanosa's fiery party in SpanishGrupo It was impossible to pass by this party: the guests occupied not only the avant-garde showroom of the largest Spanish holding (produces tiles, porcelain stoneware, sanitary ware, faucets and kitchens), but also the entire street corner where this house is located. Dealers and designers, as they say, were buzzing for four hours in a row, the fun was such that it seemed like a fashionable disco was taking place here. Music thundered, people danced, talked, raised glasses to the health of the holding and simply lit it. The concept showroom of the Porcelanosa holding in Paris is located at Rue du Bac, 45, in Moscow - Marshal Zhukov avenue, 38, building 1.