Organization of space

6 rules for good cuisine: how to avoid design mistakes


Kitchen - the soul of the Russian house. But her planning often turns into a number of problems. How to find a balance between beauty and comfort? Some simple rules that you will read in our article will help you. Good cuisine will not be lost even in a house with a luxurious dining room. It is here that the roads of all family members converge: for preparing breakfast, for supper with children or for a get-together with friends. And the requirements for it are appropriate - everyone wants to see their kitchen stylish enough to demonstrate to the guests, but also quite convenient for daily work. Create space for your dreams is possible. You just need to remember the basic rules of kitchen organization and common design mistakes.

Competent planning

The main idea of ​​modern cuisine is ergonomics. Therefore, you should not start with the choice of cabinets and tiles, but with the definition of the purpose, which will serve as a premise. Push away from your lifestyle, culinary preferences, and the habits of family members. Without it, no matter how beautiful your kitchen becomes after repair, it will not be convenient for her. A mother of three children with her husband, a fan of Georgian cuisine, will not have enough bachelor tiles for two burners. A lone workaholic is unlikely to require a two-door refrigerator.

"Golden Triangle"

Formula of the ideal ratio of basic kitchenDevices found in Germany in the 20 years of the last century, measuring the way the woman did during cooking one dish. It turned out that 60 percent of the time we spend at the sink. Followed by a stove and a refrigerator. Ideally, between the vertices of this triangle should be not less than 3-4 meters, and the total area of ​​the main activity should not exceed 7 meters. Too close - and you will beat on the corners. Too far away - and you'll have to run to the fridge across the room for every little thing.

Practicality is more important than efficiency

A wide range of kitchen cabinets - the presentDistress for a keen nature. Do not let expressiveness dominate functionality. Critically evaluate the future furniture before buying. Pay attention to the working height, the convenience of placing the main instruments, the ease of access and the area of ​​useful space. Classic mistakes are a refrigerator, the door of which rests against the sill, or a microwave built into the closet under the ceiling.

How to create order

In any kitchen, there is always an abundance of accessories andUtensils that create a mess. Think about enough space for them. Do not forget about railings, corner cabinets, containers and mini-bars, allowing to use effectively every centimeter. For decorative details, porcelain plates or a collection of bottles, open shelves are perfect.

"Island" is a stumbling block

Fashionable "kitchen island" can be idealThe solution of the problem of the missing working space, or maybe the "obstacle course" in the main working room. The general rule is this: if after installing the island you can not get around it on three sides, never hitting it - it's better to abandon it.

Let there be light!

When it comes to kitchen, the upper worldNot enough. Well lit should be at least two zones: a dining table and a working surface. Wherever we constantly deal with sharp and beating objects, small croups and high temperatures, the light must fall in front or at the extreme from the side. This is not only a question of convenience, but also of security. Do not neglect the lighting of the upper cabinets, or the pendant lights.