Organization of space

6 secrets of equipping the kitchen, like professionals

We bet the kitchen is your favorite place in the apartment?This means that it should definitely be functional, beautiful and comfortable. We will help you arrange it as if you are a real chef Do you know what distinguishes professional from amateur cuisine? All items in it must be in "combat" readiness, at hand and "to the point." It is rare to find numerous cupboards and unnecessary dishes in a restaurant kitchen. Everything that chefs need is at arm's length - pans, saucepans and pans hang on rails or stand on open shelves. Take advantage of every inch of space and enjoy it.


All appliances and utensils that are necessary fordaily use - that is, plates, pans, saucepans, colander, as well as all potholders and scapula - keep it open. So you will shorten the time to find the items you need.

Working surface

Do you want it to be more pleasant to work in the kitchen? Then you just need a wear-resistant work surface. Alas, but you will have to say goodbye to the wooden countertops, which absorb fluids and are poorly cleaned of contaminants. The best high-strength and hygienic material that is not afraid of moisture and dirt is metal. True, the steel working surface is an expensive treat, but it's worth it. A worthy alternative is natural or artificial stone.

What color should the kitchen be?

Cold color is in the priority of a professionalkitchens, all appliances are made of stainless steel, and in the design there is nothing that could distract the bosses from work. You can play along with this idea and add to the interior a natural / artificial stone or design a design in white or gray. If the style of high-tech is not entirely in your interest, if desired, the interior can be "diluted" with warmer materials, such as wood.

What kind of equipment do you need?

Before buying equipment and gadgets, determinehow much food you will cook. The pace of life in big cities is such that you don't want to go to the shops too often. In this case, a large refrigerator with a spacious freezer will save you. And for cooking, a steam cabinet, a hob with two or four burners, a microwave oven and, if space permits, a grill will be enough. Do you like making juice or smoothies in the morning? Then you definitely need a blender and a juicer. And, of course, you need a coffee center, whether you drink coffee or not. If your friends love coffee, you need to take care of them. Our editors recommend taking a closer look at the coffee center from the new collection of the world famous manufacturer of Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances. And if space permits, it would be nice to buy a wine cabinet as well. An extremely useful thing, especially if you like to bring different wine from your travels for tasting with friends.

Where to store everything

As for storage, make a list of allgadgets and devices that you already have. Write down in it and what you are going to buy in the near future. Then think about whether you need a storage room or an island for it all, which, besides being a good workplace, can also serve as a bar counter.

Does your kitchen need professional technology?

To turn the kitchen from amateur intosemi-professional, it is not enough to hang the pans on the rails, and make the work surface of steel. The first thing that will determine the level of professionalism of the chef is the technique on which he will cook. Konstantin Ivlev, chef at Wicked Bar & Restoran / D-light: - The choice of technology is a purely individual matter. Of course, you can equip your kitchen as if your home is a restaurant, but by and large this is not important for everyone. In our culinary school, the equipment costs double. Those who come to us, housewives for example, are very afraid of some technology, and it is much more convenient for them to work on the classical one. In addition, professional equipment differs from classic equipment in its dimensions. And everything else that is in the kitchen of our restaurant is in everyday life. The same steamers, blenders and the like. The main thing is that it is convenient for you to work in the kitchen. Sometimes it happens that people furnish everything with gadgets, and then they are very uncomfortable among this. I have a blender, a multicooker at home, but I don't have a large mixer - it takes up a lot of space, but if it appears, I'll have to use it. If we talk about more overall equipment, one cannot fail to mention its appearance. As a rule, professional equipment is not hidden - it is an integral, and sometimes even a key piece of the interior. Our expert will tell you more about its other features. Alexandra Blagova, Sub-Zero & Wolf: - Professional equipment usually has an impressive appearance and has such a set of functions and capabilities that allows the culinary specialist to fully demonstrate his talents and cook exactly the dish that he imagines in his head. That is, the technique, which is close to professional, has a minimum of automatic functions, but there are many options for adjusting "for yourself" and for a specific result in the preparation of a particular dish. Everything should be powerful and clear. If 180 degrees - then in all corners of the oven, if the languishing mode - then the flame of the gas hob is like breathing, and keeps in this format for many hours, if some temperature is set in the refrigerator or wine cabinet, then it should be that way all the time. In addition, any preparatory steps (for example, heating the oven) should occur as quickly as possible, as well as the cooking process itself. Alexandra Blagova, Sub-Zero & Wolf:- If we talk about refrigeration equipment, then this is a well-thought-out system for storing any type of food, be it fresh fruits or vegetables, fish or meat, ready meals. Such equipment provides for separate cooling systems for refrigerating and freezing chambers, special "freshness zones" with high humidity, precise control and maintenance of the required temperature, a perfect air purification system to prevent premature spoilage of food. Wine cabinets should not only be beautiful, but also maximally protect the wine from all "enemies": the wrong temperature and humidity, light, vibration. In addition, red and white wines are stored at different temperatures, which must be taken into account in a professional wine cabinet. Professional equipment and those close to it should have capacious volumes and spacious work surfaces, both for food preparation equipment and refrigeration equipment. Alexandra Blagova, Sub-Zero & Wolf:- If we talk about stoves, they should offer different options for cooking, since different dishes require a different approach. For example, Wolf cookers and gas hobs are equipped not only with two-level gas burners, but also with additional modules such as an infrared grill and teppan, as well as a French surface. Separately, it is worth noting food warmers, that is, heating cabinets. They themselves came to kitchen appliances from the professional industry. This is a very convenient device for heating food or keeping food at the desired temperature until guests arrive. You can also warm up the towels there or leave the dough to "get" to the desired condition. And, of course, the hood. This is an indispensable thing in the kitchen, where a lot and often cook.