With your own hands

6 simple and practical ideas for storing shoes


Want to solve once and for all the eternal problem withstorage of shoes and properly arrange a place where you can conveniently place it? Then, specially for you, we prepared 6 of the most interesting ideas, how to do it yourself, quickly and inexpensively. The problem of storing shoes has existed for a long time and to this day remains relevant for many people. And it's not about the size of the cabinet or the number of pairs of shoes, the main thing here is the correct organization. Therefore, in order that you do not puzzle your head, how can this be best done, we present you with several ideas for inspiration that you can easily and quickly implement with your own hands:

1. Wooden boxes

You don't want to bother too much and spend moneyfor materials - then this option is for you. One has only to talk to familiar store workers, because they always have a few unnecessary boxes in the warehouse. If you want, you can paint them for a change or attach rollers for ease of movement. Then everything depends only on your imagination. Our opinion: - Perhaps this is the easiest way. For its implementation, it is necessary to acquire only boxes, and if desired, a couple of nails and a hammer. There is no need to file or build anything, just nail them to the wall or place them next to each other. Simple, stylish, and most importantly - functional.

2. Reiki and bars

Fantastic, elegant and expensive effectcan be achieved with the help of ordinary racks and laths. In this simple way, you can equip an amazing place to store your collection of shoes. Even if this solution is suitable mainly for shoes with heels, nevertheless the trims will also become a bright accent in the interior, and this is a big plus.

3. Ladder or stepladder

There seems to be nothing difficult here either, but forthe embodiment of this idea will need to acquire a ladder or stepladder. And this is no longer a couple of boxes. But if this is not a problem for you at all, then all that remains is to choose a convenient place and install such a non-standard shoe rack. The job is done, you can safely place your shoes. Our opinion: - It is not necessary to be limited only to these two devices. A mesh frame can also be successfully used for storing shoes, which will also provide even more usable storage space. And if you have your own ideas, then do not hesitate and try to implement them.

4. In a suspended state

If you have not yet met a trempel or a hanger forshoes, then you should make them yourself. Just take a wire ram, cut the bottom bar with pliers and fold the edges. Now you will have a place to hang your sandals, ballet flats and slippers. With the help of such an unusual and interesting device, you can organize the storage of your shoes in an original and convenient way. You can attach hooks to rods in cabinets or make special racks for this. And with the help of clothespins, shoes can even be hung on a cornice attached to the wall.

5. Wooden pallets

There are a few pallets left after repair, and notDo you know where to put them? Then try using them to create a space for storing your shoes. Believe me, it's very easy and fast, and the result will surpass all expectations. For beauty, you can paint them, but in their original appearance they look original and very natural.

6. To the wall

To attach metal tubes to the wall does not takea lot of time, and for this purpose even a towel holder will do. This way you will equip a very attractive place to store your shoes. This method is most suitable for shoes with heels, but this is not a problem for a woman. Therefore, do not neglect this idea, for girls it will be just right. pinterest.com