Interior of a two-room apartment

6 unique ideas for the interior of a two-room apartment

Looking at this nice interior like thisa beautiful apartment in Stockholm, you can note 6 ideas for designing an ordinary small small family. Perhaps you are looking for elementary and easily accessible options for a long time to decorate your home in the Swedish manner. This note describes a number of details that will undoubtedly help you understand what has a great impact on the overall Scandinavian motive of the apartment.

Useful ideas

one. The miniature legs of the furniture not only look subtle and visually steal less space, but also create a retro style in a room filled with unusual lamps and wall lamps. 2. If there are those items that can not be completely changed, for example, a fireplace, then wrap them for your benefit. Make a design in the style of medieval ownership, which will add style and "increase the price" in the eyes of visitors. 3 Do not seek to turn a small bedroom into a French luxurious boudoir with an abundance of expensive canvases, gloomy colors and massive carpets. It is more correct to choose a much more practical option, adding favorite things to taste. 4. To make the interior look not impersonal, add your hobby to the image of the room, for example, place certain canvases and put your own collection in a visible place. five. It is necessary to use every millimeter in the kitchen, with the dining area in the most bright place. Since you can use a desk lamp at your desk, but it is great to meet natural sunrises and sunsets over a cup of your favorite aromatic coffee. 6. Do not lose sight of this corner and create an exclusively decorative corner - with flowers in pots, the most attractive set, books, or simply objects dear to the heart.