69 interiors and design tips: everything you wanted to know about the Scandinavian interior

How to decorate Scandinavian interiors? Is it possible to add comfort to the Scandinavian design? What can white kitchens be like? Many stunning apartments and designers' answers to all questions Scandinavian style is loved by many for its laconicism, functionality, natural color scheme and abundance of natural materials. For more than a year, it has remained one of the most popular solutions for the design of both private and public spaces. If you are also indifferent to this style, sit back and get ready to enjoy: we have gathered for you 69 different Scandinavian interiors and a lot of designers' advice on this topic.

Kitchen in Scandinavian style

White is the most common solution fordesign of Scandinavian cuisine. Strangely enough, white kitchen is not only stylish, but also practical. Are you surprised? Read the advice of professionals and learn how to better equip the kitchen in the Scandinavian style. We have prepared a photo. Want more Scandinavian inspiration? No problems! Take a look at these and take note of the designer's advice on their arrangement. Our opinion: - Modern materials and coatings make it possible to make white kitchen non-marble and resistant to pollution. For example, there is a specially created paint for the kitchen, which does not allow penetrating dust and fat deep into the structure and cleaning with a damp cloth without much effort.

Bedroom in Scandinavian style

What should be the ideal bedroom inScandinavian style? We have no unequivocal answer to this question, but we do. Pleasant color scale, natural materials, ease of design of space - in such a bedroom it is comfortable to fall asleep and wake up.

Black and white Scandinavian interiors

Black and white color scheme, which has become the lastyears especially popular, is applicable to Scandinavian design. Moreover, these interiors look even more stylish and do not lose their cozy charm. Judge for yourself: these will not leave anyone indifferent.

Scandinavian decor

The decor of Scandinavian interiors deservesspecial attention, and create it yourself - an entire art. A key characteristic of such a decor is functionality, while not without comfort. Learn: Simple tips on a real example.

How to add a Scandinavian style of comfort

Some find the Scandinavian style too minimalistic and strict. But clearly demonstrates: it is worth adding a few details - and the Scandinavian interior becomes tender and romantic.

How to place accents in the Scandinavian interior

Scandinavian interiors are often quitelight color scheme. To this end, the design is "not lost", it is important to place the accents correctly. How to do it? We tell and show by example.

How to make the Scandinavian interior even more stylish

Accents, decor, accessories - little things helpmake the situation stylish, give it a certain character. For light (often white) Scandinavian interiors, this is especially true. : give practical advice on a real example.

Top 9 Scandinavian Design Elements

How, all these wonderful interiors in Scandinavianstyle did not inspire you to design in the same vein your own home? It does not matter, one can draw the best from each style direction, having successfully applied it in his house. Here is a short list of which, undoubtedly, will improve your interior. Our opinion: - The most unusual interiors, reflecting the character of the owners of the house, are often eclectic. However, Scandinavian design offers a lot of decent techniques, suitable for borrowing and applying in a variety of interiors.