Organization of space

7 fashionable rules for arranging a dining area -

How to equip a dining area and make it withthis fashionable and bright? It's very simple! We bring you seven fashion solutions that are perfect for your home! Read in our material and experiment - it's not easy. Especially when you want to combine functionality, comfort and showiness. At first glance, this may seem like something difficult and requiring special knowledge. But in fact, in order to do, it is enough to choose one of the following seven options.

Combine the table with the built in furniture

It can be built into the wall of the banquet. Or maybe a comfortable low window sill, upholstered in fabric. A double banquet with a rectangular table in the middle will be beneficial. True, for this arrangement of furniture you need a certain layout of the kitchen. Therefore, if you have exactly this, use our advice.

Use the benches

Original and modern will look longbenches instead of chairs. It can be either simple wooden, or more comfortable - upholstered in fabric or with cushions. By the way, a long bench occupies much less space than three chairs. And even if necessary, it can always be pushed under the table. Our opinion: - If you decide to locate the dining area in the kitchen, then to save space, you can use both long benches and stools. They win in front of the chairs due to the fact that they can be hidden under the table.

Play Contrast

Do not forget that contrast combinationsalways advantageously shade any zone. And the dining room is no exception. Excellent will look bright, even a white table and red metal or plastic chairs. Depending on the interior, you can always choose an advantageous option.

All for a roundtable

A small round table will help significantlysave space. And if at the same time he will stand next to a corner banquet, then you may not need chairs. Well and if suddenly there will arrive visitors - the additional seat can be always brought from the next room. Our opinion: - The combination of the kitchen corner and the round table is an excellent solution for small kitchens, since you do not need to constantly hold the chairs indoors, and the round table takes up much less space than a rectangular or square.

Different chairs are fashionable

And you can and should! A set of completely incompatible and dissimilar chairs will make it bright and very unusual. And you can also paint them in different colors, which will also be very, very useful.

We play with height and height

A classic reception for decorating rooms iscombination of different heights. And for the dining area it is also applicable. Combine chairs of different heights, and you will get an amazing effect, and at the same time attract the attention of your guests. Try it, you'll definitely like it!

Choose something unusual

What can be used as chairs andbenches in the dining area, but what have you ever thought about? How about a bale of hay? This option probably never occurred to you. But this does not mean that he has no right to exist. Look, maybe this is exactly what you need!