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7 most discussed interior trends in 2014

Want to know the trendsmodern design? Then this article will become for you a guide and an excellent assistant in the world of interesting interior solutions and will give you the necessary inspiration. Our life rushes rapidly and unrestrainedly. The world around us is also changing. This is especially clearly reflected in the development of a trend in a short period of time. What was exclusive yesterday at the peak of popularity, today may turn out to be commonplace. But there are tendencies that are firmly entrenched in the Olympus of the glory of the design world. Therefore, we have prepared for you the most relevant and discussed trends of 2014.

1. The tree

Today, natural materials are so popular inmainly due to eco-movement. Particularly impressive is the texture of the untreated wood on the table tops, wall panels and decking. Creating a sense of unity with nature, home comfort and warmth in your home, the tree will please not only you, but your descendants.

2. Knitted Decor

Stylish and interesting will look in yourinterior knitted things. And it is not necessary to buy them to join this trend. You can do everything yourself, you just need to get a tangle of threads and knitting needles. Most importantly, these elements will be in the autumn-winter period, because they will bring warmth and coziness to your house.

3. Pineapples

It's paradoxical, but despite all the abundancefruits in our life, pineapple became a bright trend. On clothes and accessories, wallpaper and decorations, lamps and vases - everywhere you can find this exotic fruit. His bizarre form does not bother at all, while it attracts attention and raises the mood.

4. Flower prints

They are back in fashion, but with one interestingfeature - a mandatory white background. Stylish, romantic, gentle, they perfectly harmonize with any interior and create a spring-summer atmosphere. It does not matter if it's textiles, wallpapers or decor elements, the effect will surpass all expectations.

5. DIY projects

Do It Yourself, or "Do it Yourself," -An interesting form of art that will allow you to create exactly what you want. It can be new materials or the restoration of old objects, but you can in any case be able to invest in them those feelings and emotions that are close to you personally. And this, in turn, will create in the house an original atmosphere.

6. Phytosthenes

And again eco-style.Green walls will be a key trend this year. These are vertical panels on which various plants are attached - from fragrant foliage to fluffy moss. Practical and versatile phytowalls do not require special maintenance and are already equipped with a built-in irrigation system. The service life of such panels can be up to 7 years. Fresh air, elegance, showiness and, of course, natural beauty - perhaps these arguments will be enough to establish such a miracle at home.

7. Ethnic motives

Different cultures, especially exotic ones, alwaysinfluenced the development of design. Today, the African theme is gaining popularity. Eclectic, imitation animal skin, kilims, an abundance of valuable wood, hand-made ornaments and warm colors - all without a fight conquers the hearts of people.,,,,