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7 steps to a warm and cozy bathroom interior

A warm bath can make us forget aboutProblems and stresses. But, to really relax, one bath is not enough. The entire interior of the room must radiate warmth and harmony. 8 tricks to create a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom in this post The bathroom is a special place in the house. The personal, even intimate character of the room requires an attentive approach to its design. To really relax in the bath, we need not only a physical but also an emotional sensation of warmth and comfort. And as you know, for the emotional color of the interior meets the decor. Today we want to acquaint our readers with seven decorative techniques that will help make the bathroom interior warmer and more comfortable without any repairs.

1. Terry towels

Hang up or spread out in the bathroom thick fluffyTowels, which already themselves look warm and soft. Usually this type is exactly terry towels, but if you prefer more refined materials, for example, microfibre, safely use them (just choose with a longer nap). With regard to color, the traditional white towels are better to replace or add towels warmer shades: red, orange, yellow - they will help visually warm the room.

2. Soft mat

Agree that after taking a hotA relaxing bath is much nicer not to step on a cold slippery tile or rubber litter, but on a soft, warm, fleecy rug. You can choose a practical and wear-resistant acrylic or cozy and eco-friendly cotton. In any case, your wet feet will be much warmer and more comfortable. Our opinion: - When choosing a mat for a bathroom, it is worth making sure of its safety. Even if the product is made of natural materials, the back side should have a rubberized or silicone base, which will prevent the rug from sliding over the wet floor.

3. Fabric curtains

We continue to beat the theme of textiles. Fabric curtains will look in your bathroom much more cozy and aesthetically pleasing than a plastic curtain. About practicality, too, you can not worry - modern fabric curtains have a special waterproof coating. Our opinion: - In fact, fabric curtains have become a real salvation for people with good taste, who prefer a bath to shower cabins and were tormented by the age-old question: what to do? To avoid water splashes forming puddles on the floor, nobody has ever succeeded, but using a horrible polyethylene curtain means to doom the interior to a decorative fiasco. And only with the advent of textile analogues with the required performance characteristics (water resistance, water repellency), a way out of this aesthetic impasse was found.

4. Aromatherapy

Summer scents also contribute to the creation ofAssociatively warm interior. But we do not recommend that you use standard air fresheners in the bathroom. To create a harmonious cozy atmosphere, aromatic candles and diffusers (so-called) are much more suitable.

5. Element of romance

Candles can be used not only as aAromas, but also as a romantic decor. If you can find a suitable place for them on the shelves or on the side of the bath, they will harmoniously complement the illuminated interior and surprisingly change the mood of the room with the lights off. Given the specifics of the bathroom, the candles should be placed in glass containers, which will prevent moisture from getting on the wick.

6. Laundry basket

Using in the bathroom a laundry basket,You kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, you can buy a stylish, for example, wicker, which will become an ornamental decoration of the room, and secondly - keep the intimacy and, accordingly, the order, the comfort of your bathroom.

7. Correct light bulb

If after all the decorative metamorphosis thatOccurred with your bathroom as a result of using our tips, its interior still seems not warm enough and cozy, try to unscrew the light bulb ... And then screw it into place less bright and with a warm light. After this simple procedure, not only the appearance of the interior, but your reflection in the mirror will change for the better. After all, warm light hides all the shortcomings, which emphasizes the cold. pinterest