7 things you should not worry about when decorating your home

In the process of decorating your home, alwaysThere is a huge amount of questions and doubts. For example, do you really need a carpet? Will several different mirrors in the same room? In this article we will help to dispel your fears. Very often our friends and acquaintances, and we ourselves need to consult with other people to make sure of the correctness of their choice. Interior decoration is not an exception, and there are a lot of questions that torment the minds of people during the arrangement of the house. But let's deal with seven things, which you should not really worry about.

1. Lack of carpet

If you have a wonderful kind of wooden floorsOr you just do not like what a floor carpet looks like, do not hesitate to do without it at all. It is not necessary to follow the established stereotypes, although a soft mat could make the floor more pleasant and warm. But still it's only your decision, and many smart interiors look great without the presence of carpets, and minimalism is now at the peak of popularity. By the way, for those who are tormented by the question of whether it is fashionable to hang a carpet on the wall, we have an article with.

2. Different wooden finishes

Still worried about the incompatibility of the darkA wooden floor, a white head of the bed and wall panels made of different pieces of wood? Then calm down, because such a "mixture" is quite normal and even more. This combination will look more natural and less far-fetched. Therefore, if you are not an ardent perfectionist, do not be afraid that every wooden element will not ideally fit into the rest.

3. Fashion

Just because of the fact that inviting guests to the house youYou can not invite them to sit on Moroccan pouffes, boast a marble countertop or sit in brass crockery in the kitchen, do not immediately run and buy all these things. If they are not important to you, then it is not necessary to buy them either. Fashion comes and goes, and every year not everyone can do repairs. Our opinion: - Do not try to surprise someone with cutting-edge innovations, if for you they are not something important. First of all, the interior should be comfortable for you. Therefore, if you prefer classics timeless to the classics, which in 30 years will look actual, beautiful and unconstrained, then act boldly and enjoy the result.

4. Multiple mirrors in one room

You can often find a pair of symmetrically hangingMirrors on one wall in the bathroom or in the bedroom above the bedside tables. Sometimes mirrors are built in the doors of cabinets or even as a gallery on the wall along the staircase. But very rarely you can find mirrors located opposite each other or on adjacent walls, but also of different shapes. And it's pretty bad. After all, this method will not only decorate the interior, but also.

5. Mixing Different Styles

Do not know if the oldGrandmother's chest of drawers with a new lacquered cabinet? Then just act! After all, a mixture of styles, materials and things from different eras is a great idea. Let the design of your home be as varied as you are.

6. Non-standard furniture selection

Do not cling to stereotypes. If it is more comfortable for you, when in the living room instead of standard chairs there will be comfortable chaise lounges - do not be shy about it. There is not enough room on the bedside table? Why not use a pouf? What you like, like and close people, and the rest does not matter.

7. Plain and Roman curtains in one room

When it comes to windows, it's important to make everythingOn a template, and to approach to each concrete window separately. Therefore, only on the basis of its location and form, it is worth choosing in favor of Roman or ordinary curtains. In general, curtains are on the list of. Our opinion: - It does not matter in what ratio you choose Roman and conventional curtains, but it is best if they are made of the same material. So, thanks to the fabric, even different types of curtains will give the interior a beautiful and harmonious look.