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7 most practical finishing materials for your interior

Cardboard furniture, bamboo floors, walls fromplywood, the ceiling of the lining, the window from the mirror ... Do you think this is impossible? You are mistaken! The most amazing thing in our article One of the main qualities of a good interior designer is to be able to see objects and materials outside the usual usage scenarios. This is much more complicated than it seems at first glance! We offer you 7 materials that you would never have used to use in your interior.


Many are accustomed to seeing her on the balcony or in the country,but, despite the low price, this material has a lot of decorative and functional advantages. The lining on the ceiling or as a material for creating an accent wall will look great. We have as many as 30 ideas,. Our opinion: - Often they are afraid to use the lining in decoration because of its cheapness. However, unusual use cases will help to avoid associations with budget repairs. This applies not only to the lining, but also to many other inexpensive materials.


Together with eco-style of interior decoration in fashionbamboo floors are gradually entering. And although this material is still a novelty for the layman, designers from all over the world willingly use bamboo floors in their projects. Indeed, such floors have a lot of functional advantages! We tell,. Do you think that's all? Far from it!Bamboo is used to create furniture and partitions, for decoration and wall cladding; lamps, panels, picture frames and much, much more are made from it. Here are 38 spectacular examples that will surely impress you.


Corrugated board is a material that is currentlyinspires many designers, decorators, furniture makers. If you wish, you can create unusual and stylish furniture from such cardboard with your own hands! Want to try? We give.

Mirror surfaces

Mirrors are a powerful decorative toolable to change the space beyond recognition. And if earlier designers treated mirrored surfaces rather carefully, today they are literally at the peak of popularity. Mirrors are used everywhere: from decor to mirrored walls, ceilings, furniture. We offer a selection of 17 striking examples of.


Мода на экологически чистые, простые, доступные solutions unexpectedly returned popularity to an undeservedly forgotten material - plywood. In modern projects, this material is widely and variedly used: as decoration, decor, in the production of furniture ... We have collected, having looked at which, you will certainly want to use this material in your own interior. By the way, plywood is great for creating partitions, doors, as well as for wall and floor cladding. Just look how wonderful this one looks!

Stone in the bathroom

Natural stone is perhaps not the most familiarmaterial for bathrooms, however, designers from all over the world have been willingly using it for several seasons already for cladding walls, floors, even ceilings in bathrooms. The stone is great for creating accent areas, as well as for decoration. Moreover, there are many models of natural stone sanitary ware on the market today! We have it, get ready to be surprised.

Decorative beams

Such an unexpected element as decorativebeams have recently become very, very popular. Such beams are used quite widely: when decorating interiors in country style, rustic, loft, as well as Scandinavian and many others. And yet. Our opinion: - It is interesting that decorative beams are used not only in private houses, but also in ordinary city apartments. True, in order not to load the floors of apartment buildings, instead of a solid wooden beam, a false beam is more often used: it is rather light and hollow inside.