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73 brightest impressions of the first day of the Maison & Objet exhibition in Paris -

If the interior is important to you, you do notyou can be indifferent to the decor of the house. Today in this article - the brightest moments of the first day of the Paris exhibition Maison & Objet - the main international exhibition for the decoration of the house

If we compare the Cologne furniture exhibition andParis exhibition on the decor of the house, it is like going to the museum of achievements of the furniture industry and after that go to the antique market. In the first case everything is conservative, orderly, measured, calibrated and a little crowded; in the second case it is bright, motley, humming, noisy, and you never know what treasure you will find on the next booth.

To give you the most vivid idea of ​​the exhibition, we are making this first preliminary report from pictures taken on mobile phones and laid out in instagramy. So more clearly.

The main event for Russians at the January M & O, as the patrons of the exhibition call it, were the stands of Russian designers - Anna Muravina and Leila Ulahanli.

Anna Muravina first showed the tissues thatnow produces under its own brand. And she demonstrated the wonderfully made and fantastically designed furniture created together with Valentina Andreeva from Mrs Ruby. We are delighted! Black and white fabrics are not only beautiful, but also pleasant to the touch. And the editors consider the drawing of feathers to be exceptionally fashionable.

Designer Leyla Ulukhanli presented hera collection of furniture. Execution and style - at the level of expensive American brands. It is not surprising that visitors were at its stand from morning till evening, and most of them were foreigners. Uweis Heydarov, "Kitchen interiors": - Compared with the Cologne exhibition, the Parisian is very lively and bright. And comfortable. The stands are smaller in size and furnished in a home-like manner. Of course, the presence of a pavilion with fragrances for the home also brings its pleasant note to the general atmosphere of the exhibition. This, you can say, is the most fragrant exhibition of all that I've ever visited - even among perfumery Maison & Objet smells. I only now understand that luxury design does not have ethnicity. Here the French, Germans and Italians presented themselves equally beautifully, but our native designers caused pride. The brightest impressions from the first day of the exhibition for me are the stands of Anna Muravina and Leila Ulukhanli. The quality, design, style, concept of objects are so high that it takes pride. Well done, keep it up!

Another bright impression - a stand of the Dutchof the brand Eichholtz. Not the first year it is the biggest and the most luxurious - for the whole exhibition. If in the autumn the style of the Parisian variety show was clearly read, now every exhibition showed its own style. The editorial board selected a gentle pink trend and an exposure in topaz color.

And now we suggest you enjoy the pictures of the first day of the exhibition, found by us in the instagram of the visitors.