Garage arrangement

8 practical tips for preparing your garage for the winter


Mountains of snow on the horizon mean it's hightime to constantly use shovels, snowplows, skis, and more. Prepare winter equipment and equipment for daily use properly, rationally equipping your garage. An organized hangar, which acts as a functional storage space, will have everything you need in accessibility, which will allow you to do household chores with ease and efficiency. Today we offer readers a site about small interiors to optimize boxing space, following the advice of professionals.

Compliance Plan

Industrial style garage and hangar, Murphy project& Co. Design Before you take any step, carefully evaluate the space. Even if you want to do all the routine work yourself, you should contact the professionals to help create a plan of the necessary work. “You need to understand exactly what your personal storage requirements are, and then come up with your unit to meet your needs,” said Jeff Murphy, president of Murphy and Co. Design. “It's amazing how a good parking interior can improve the quality of life.”

Avoid conventional outdoor storage.

Modern garage and utility room, projectPro Storage Systems First rule: keep the floor as free as possible. “The melted snow from your car is sure to make the objects below wet and dirty,” says Rozalia Kiss, design manager of transFORM | The Art of Custom Storage.

Work with your walls

Hinged shelving systemthe available vertical space not only saves the floor from things, but also provides the optimal place for the car. “Consider the wall track system so that you can hang shovels or other tools in a convenient, easily accessible place near the garage door,” advises Rozalia Kiss. “For heavy, bulky items, such as winter sports equipment, install strong racks with metal stiffeners.”

Use ubiquitous storage

Hinged Shelf System Out of stockwall space? Take a closer look at the ceiling. “There are many companies that specialize in simple garage storage, saving your costs and installing systems under the roof,” says Jeff Murphy.

Consider creating a special rack.

transFORM | Jeff Murphy's Art of Custom StorageIt offers the arrangement of specialized sports or mechanical sections in the room near the entrance to the parking space. “These areas are well suited for large wardrobes with open shelves and racks that work great for unloading children's sports items right from the car to the room where it doesn't matter that they are wet and dirty,” he says. “Such a room is usually heated on a par with the whole house.”

Equip holders for skis and snowboards

System of hinged shelves "Fastenings of skis and boards onthe wall is a great way to keep a garage from cluttering, says Jeff Murphy. - This allows you to keep equipment in the designated place, not on the floor, saving from accidental tipping.

Keep sand and salt on hand

Organized Hawaii Use Retractablewire baskets or hinged lid containers for easy access to reagents and even birdseed (if well packaged). “It also helps keep them protected from outdoor moisture and dirt throughout the winter,” advises Rozalia Kiss.

Install a motion sensor and LED lights on batteries

Hinged shelves system you never knowwhen a winter storm can happen, so it’s better to be ready for it. “A motion sensor and LED battery-powered lighting will help you find the right tools in the event of a power outage. They are easy to install under wall-mounted shelves to illuminate worktops, and can also be installed in drawers and wall cabinets, ”explains Rozalia Kiss. We learned from Shawn Gauthier about original ideas for storing winter equipment and organizing garage space.