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8 receptions, thanks to which any room will look bigger


The apartment seems hopelessly small, and the lighttones and a minimum of furniture do not solve the problem? Then this article is especially for you. Do you think that you have tried everything in order to, but are still unhappy with the result? Most likely, there is still a way out! Today we are going to share some tricks to help you do more visually.

1. The dark side

Everyone has long been accustomed to the fact that visuallyexpand the room. But few people know that the space can be increased by painting one of the walls in a dark color. Such an accent in a light room visually pushes the wall deeper into the room, making the room seem more spacious. Such a wall does not have to be nearly black. Choose the darkest and most saturated shades of blue, gray, green.

2. Mirrors

Mirrors reflect and increase light. In a narrow corridor, the mirrors can be hung on the side walls. If you place them opposite each other and illuminate the side light, the room will visually expand. Mirror can be hung in the living room or dining room. So it will reflect not only the light, but also the festively served table or the mood of the guests gathered.

3. Prints

If you like bright flashy prints,try to use them with care. In a small room, such a drawing would be appropriate on a pillow, plaid or table lamp. At the same time, the rest of the furniture (table, sofa, armchairs) is better to choose more restrained colors.

4. Glass table

Never paid attention to the glass table? Not surprising! It can sometimes be noticed not from the first time, this is good for small rooms. Such a table allows you to look at the room through it and not "take away" precious space. Our opinion: - Modern manufacturers, in addition to transparent tables, offer to pay attention to small transparent chests. They can be used as a coffee table and simultaneously solve the issue of storing some things, such as magazines or books.

5. Additional lighting

6. Unity of color

There is one more trick that will help you dothe room is visually larger. Buy curtains or a bookcase (ideally both) the same color as the walls. They will merge into one solid object and will not split the room into parts. Our opinion: - Floor-to-ceiling curtains "pull" the room up. Try not to hang short curtains. They are able to significantly reduce an already tiny room.

7. Small furniture

Instead of huge majestic armchairs, place small chairs and pouffes around the room. In this way, you can increase the number of seats, without cluttering up space.

8. The carpet

Give up small modest rugs inThe use of a huge carpet that covers the entire area of ​​the room. The person's gaze will be intuitively drawn to the edges of the carpet, which will "stretch" your room around the perimeter.