Garage arrangement

8 strategic decisions to restore order in the garage

We suggest thinking about how rationallyuse the garage area and organize in it an efficient storage system. The box for parking vehicles plays an important role in our daily life. It not only protects the car from the weather, but also becomes a place where we daily put various items: tools, seasonal items, cleaning products, etc. Most likely, you have repeatedly wondered how to organize the space in the block correctly, do not stumble over boxes anymore and don’t waste time searching for the right tool.

The most popular methods for solving this issue from leading designers

one. According to statistics, each family member has an average of 3-4 pairs of shoes for one season. Naturally, off-season shoes are in the garage and waiting in the wings, but you can install a special shoe organizer. It is a cabinet with compartments for different types of shoes, and is also equipped with special elements for drying and keeping clean. The variety of the proposed models will satisfy the requirements of any buyers. Such a closet will be in place if the entrance to the house is equipped in the garage. This decision makes it possible to leave the floor clean in the corridor and free up additional space. 2 To the shoe organizer it would be nice to add a long multifunctional bench, under which there are retractable shelves. They can store different things that are usually lying in the hallway. For example, shoe care products, umbrellas, scarves, glasses, etc. Set the hooks above the bench to hang clothes on them before entering the house. Thus, the vestibule will remain completely clean, uncluttered and ready to receive unexpected guests. 3 Garage loft is a great place to keep things safe and sound. Arrange a similar room is not difficult. It is important to provide a comfortable and safe staircase that will not take up much space. four. If you do not have an attic, then use suspended shelves and racks. Even a schoolboy will cope with their installation. They are easily adjustable in height, withstand significant loads, free up space on the floor, and they can be installed at any height. Often they are located just above the garage door. five. Convenient means of organizing space are also various hooks, holders, magnets, etc. This is a whole industry for the production of special mounts, which will appeal to both gardeners and people leading an active lifestyle. With this trick, you can arrange bicycle parking on the ceiling, store tires in the correct position, streamline your tools, sports equipment and garden accessories. It all depends on your imagination. 6 Of course, the easiest way to arrange the back room is to go to the store and pick up a convenient cabinet with many shelves and drawers. So you free yourself from all sorts of problems with the installation of various kinds of devices. 7. A wardrobe is also a popular piece of furniture among car enthusiasts. It is easy to use, affordable and effective. It contains any tools and materials. Fits well with the decor. eight. For lovers of perfect order and cleanliness in the garage will suit the services of furniture designers, who will take into account all requirements, develop an individual storage system. If your financial capabilities allow, be sure to use this option, and the result will exceed expectations.