9 most useful articles about bathrooms

The bathroom, like any other room,needs a thoughtful interior, inspiring decor and a roomy storage system. It's about this our today's selection. Who does not like being in the bathroom? Yes there are no such. However, when it comes to repairs, for some reason we constantly transfer the remodeling of this room "for later". However, you can change, slightly update and remodel the bathroom quite quickly and easily. At least it is to this conclusion that you will come, having familiarized yourself with our selection.

How to upgrade the bathroom in one day

Everything is powerless before the power of time, includingand your bathroom. Even if you are completely satisfied with its design, after a few years you will begin to notice that the former feeling of weightlessness and flight gradually dissipates and transforms into a feeling of dissatisfaction. In order to regain the old feeling of newness, we recommend that you spend just one day and take advantage of a complete renovation of your bathroom.

How to equip a small bathroom

The most popular in the real estate market were andthere are one-room apartments. It is common knowledge that one of the most unpleasant features of such apartments is the small bathrooms. Unfortunately, this is a reality of our days, and without a thorough redevelopment, we simply cannot change the size of the smallest of the rooms. So, you need to find a way to get along with what you have. just about that. But the tips presented here to expand the functionality of your bathroom can also have a positive effect on the aesthetics of your tiny bathroom.

How to store trivia in the bathroom is not only convenient, but also beautiful

And you did not think that everyday objectsuse can become bathroom décor items, for example? will teach you important and useful techniques for enhancing your bathroom by planning your storage systems correctly. Don't be surprised if you read about some of them for the first time.

How to make a small bathroom attractive

In this article, interior designer JuliaKirpicheva will share with you the secrets of transforming small bathrooms. Julia has a wealth of experience and a whole set of tools to achieve the most effective result. , what is the focal point, what is the advantage of suspended plumbing, why it is better to choose matte tiles for the floor and how to use the lighting in the bathroom.

Everything you need to know, making a shower cabin without a shower tray

You've probably seen these showers in the movies and instellar interiors. Unlike closed shower stalls, they look minimalist, stylish and very modern. We will tell you about all the intricacies of the installation and technical characteristics in our material. And there are also several examples implemented by Russian designers - Ekaterina Fedorchenko, Igor and Mikhail Bezirganov.

How in 48 hours to make out the trash in the bathroom

The bathroom is famous, above all,the discrepancy between its size and the needs of the owner. Necessary and not so things take up absolutely all free space, not allowing to place the most necessary things. It seems to you that it is impossible to solve this problem? proves that anything is possible and it will only take a couple of days.

6 ideal finishing materials for the bathroom

Especially for our readers who have started a renovationin the bathroom, we have prepared a practical and very detailed material on the choice of finishing materials for the bathroom. , including the pros and cons of a number of positions, was commented on by professional designers Lena Inashvili and Yulia Kirpicheva.

7 steps to a warm and cozy bathroom interior

The bathroom is most often associated withwater, metal, glass and, as a result, cold. To get around this chain of meaning and focus on warm, cozy and pleasant, we suggest that you take advantage of the advice from and enjoy a renewed bathroom that you will never want to leave.

All you need to know is changing the bathtub to the shower booth

Time only accelerates, life rushes forward, notasking permission, and now we have no time to soak up the bathroom, give us a shower. Actually, it is difficult to come up with an ideal option for a modern busy person. Well, so that the process of selection and subsequent installation is only a pleasure, study it thoroughly, commented by Areg Samvelyan, a certified engineer, head of an architectural and construction company. Here you will find answers to all questions and even a little more.