The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

African temperament and Scandinavian calm at 45 square meters

How to create an expressive eclectic interior ina small apartment? Today we will tell you how to combine hot Africa and the Scandinavian cold on 45 square meters. This apartment, designed by the designer Alexander White, is in Stockholm, in an old house built in 1895. It does not differ in size and is somewhat similar to our standard apartments built under Stalin. It perfectly suits the African temperament and Scandinavian tranquility.

Dominant color and key accents

Ethnic motives are attracting more attentiondesigners. It is especially fashionable to combine seemingly completely opposite styles. Not everyone is ready to live in a real African house with bright colors, rapacious prints and frightening masks. Also, not everyone likes the Scandinavian cold with its inherent white tint. You can conduct an experiment and make a stylization of both. The main thing is to choose the main recognizable and unifying details of styles, color and furniture. Scandinavian interior is characterized by neutral light colors, simplicity and naturalness. Calmness and purity distinguish this style against the background of others. African interior is dynamic, bright, predatory prints. The warm colors predominate, which is built on contrasts. Our opinion: - It seems that these two styles can not coexist in any way, but, as you know, the opposites are attracted, so with this interior. The unifying link here was natural materials, simple forms and unusual accent decor elements.

Kitchen: how to melt the Scandinavian cold?

The kitchen is very small, so it dominateswhite color and glossy surfaces. This helps to let more light and air into the space. It can be seen that the Scandinavian style prevails here. Dilute the cold interior and bring to it the colors of Africa's coarse dark stools, a small animal figurine, exotic flowers and part of the wall with photo wallpapers. The image on it is made in terracotta and brown colors, which is typical for the exotic African interior. Our opinion: - People's life and natural materials are key elements in both styles. The kitchen was able to emphasize this. So, on a light table are candlesticks, repeating the motifs of his carved legs, and beside are wooden African stools.

Living room divided in half

In the Scandinavian style, it is common to share spaceon equal parts. The living room was clearly divided into two different styles and simultaneously intertwined with each other. The room has two windows, thanks to which it was possible to designate the African and Scandinavian zones. So, the part where there are transparent, as if made of ice lamps, indicates that in this zone of space the Scandinavian style dominates. On a light wall hangs a picture resembling the northern lights. On the table is an unusual glass vase of ink color, consonant with the picture. Candles used in this apartment as an element of decor. Budget and, as it turned out, an attractive option for decorating a home. In the living room, they echo the color with the cult chair Barcelona Chair (1929 design) and a light floor. Simple furniture with laconic forms - all these are elusive signs of Scandinavian influence. On another window lie the animal's horns and eloquently indicate the predominance of African exoticism in this part of the room. On the bedside table is a table lamp, the foot of which resembles a palm tree. There are still horns, and decorative pillows with prints of animals leave no doubt that these are the motives of Africa. Brown warm gamma dominates in this part of the space. To make the room look balanced, another picture was hung in the room. It is located above the sofa, opposite the "northern lights". Only it is dominated by a darker color palette. The table and chairs are also matched in a dark color, in tone with a sofa and carpet. All of them organically overlap with each other not only in color. Patterns and material on Scandinavian chairs add to the interior of the African flavor. The coffee table looks amazingly beautiful. Its unusual shape and mirror surface bring to the interior of lightness and give it an original sound. Our opinion: - Integrity in space creates a light ceiling, walls and floor. Uniting links between them are: a chandelier, a beautiful puff with a knitted cover and an armchair that is located between the windows. It turned out a pleasant, harmonious atmosphere.

Calm bedroom with an African touch

In the pastel colors of the interior of the bedroomsuccessfully and unexpectedly looks the cloth head of the bed, made in a chocolate shade. Against this backdrop pillows with cute images of ostriches stand out. Adds African motifs to the space and a table lamp with a hint of palm, as well as a small gizmos on the books. The situation in the room is very calm, not screaming, but at the same time very colorful.

On a note!

As we see, significantly transform the spaceare capable: successfully selected color scale, decorative pillows, table lamps, qualitative textiles, flowers and spectacular details. Here are some tips for those who want to create a similar atmosphere in their apartment.

  • Since the African continent is large, stylehas a broad concept and covers different features, the culture of the peoples living in it. Therefore, in the interior design, take as a basis common features. This may be the features of the climate, natural colors and materials specific to a particular locality.
  • Simple forms, minimalism, rough textures,contrast, color and identity are peculiar to the African style. In such interiors predominate brown, sand, terracotta and cream colors.
  • For the Scandinavian style, choose light shades, among which are dominated by gray, bluish or white tones. They blend well with simple light wood furniture.
  • Natural materials and naturalness, key features of both styles. As a decoration you can use masks and animal skins.
  • In the African style, the floor is usually cool, and inScandinavian interior is only warm. You can adjust this contrast with the help of carpets. For example, on a wooden parquet put a carpet of cold shade. Or on the contrary, bright tile to lay a fleecy carpet in the Scandinavian style.