Chinese motifs: 5 recognizable elements of chinoiser style in the interior

Intertwining classics with oriental motifs,Exotic prints, fabulous and even a little fictional atmosphere - all this is now in vogue. Want to create a refined interior in the style of chinoiseries? We'll help you. Have you heard about the style of chinoiseries? And in vain! Now a new wave of fashion for him. In its pure form it is practically not used, usually only as separate elements, with which the interior is diluted. This beautiful French word in Russian does not sound very flattering and literally means "china". But keep in mind that this is not a typical China, but rather a European stylization and even an invention on the topic of eastern exoticism. Here are the most striking and recognizable elements that will help your interior to approach the style of the chinoiser:

1. Chinese Screen

Such an interesting element is capable of addingOriental exotic coloring to any room where you would like to see the notes of the chinoiser. The Chinese screen is one of the easiest ways to make an interior look impressive. Especially bright will look wooden models with a brown or black lacquered surface, which is decorated with paintings with Chinese motifs. Our opinion: - You can use the screen simply as a decorative element, hide with its help the flaws of the room, put it behind the bed as a headboard or even try to act as a partition for zoning space. In any case, it will give the modern interior elegance, mystery and oriental charm.

2. White and blue porcelain

One of the important details of the style of the chinoiser is considered to beChinese porcelain of a snow-white color with a blue list: vases, tea sets, figurines. The most effective they look not alone, but in a large company. By the way, recently Chinese garden stool has become very popular. Revising foreign publications, you can see that in many modern interiors, this barrel-shaped object occupies an honorable place. A white color with cobalt painting makes it the most advantageous for the style of the chinoiser.

3. Silk wallpaper with hand-painted

A general atmosphere will help create a romantic wallpaperWith the image of strange birds, peonies, plants, butterflies, dragons, scenes from Chinese life and landscape sketches. Many well-known manufacturers now release in their collections wallpaper of unusual colors with oriental motifs that look like real works of art. Our opinion: - But it is not always worth all this beauty to cover the whole room, otherwise the interior will turn out, in which it is impossible to stay for long, well, and it will hit hard on your pocket. Better choose for this one wall, making it accent, or select only some fragments.

4. Furniture in the spirit of chippendale

To complement the coloriness of the chinoiser will help furniture inChinese style with motifs of pagodas and geometric ornaments reminiscent of bamboo designs. Famous British furniture master Thomas Chippendale at one time developed a huge collection of furniture with an oriental character. And now an incredible number of subjects of such a plan are produced, only in a more modern interpretation. Chairs with patterned backs and mirrors in incredible frames have become classics of world design and are still manufactured.

5. Figurines with oriental accent

The finishing touch of the interior in the style of chinoiseriesCan become statuettes depicting elephants, dragons, Buddha or mythological creatures. But a special sympathy is caused by paired dogs "Fu" (dog-lions), which are an integral part of the eastern exotics.,