With your own hands

New Year's Garland: Master class for parents

Candied cranberries, popcorn, cones, cookies -Is it possible to make beautiful garlands out of all this? And even more so to compete with Christmas decorations? Of course you can! Our master classes are a perfect confirmation of this. Today it is impossible to imagine a New Year's decoration of a house without garlands. But why buy them in the store and be like everyone else, if you can create your own unique things that will look even better than purchased ones. Especially for this occupation you can attach your children, they will gladly help you. Are you ready to bury a little for the benefit of the New Year's decor and spend time with the children? Then these simple master classes will help you quickly and efficiently create original garlands of improvised materials. 1. Garland of popcorn We all love crisp popcorn with cherries, caramel and cheese, but very few people know that it is an excellent material for garlands. Covered with glitter, glossy or metallic paint, it becomes like natural snow, sparkling and shimmering in the rays of light. The main thing is to see that the children do not sink your main component while you pick up the rest. What you need:

  • A bucket of popcorn,
  • A big needle, you can take a sack,
  • Strong threads of unusual colors (it is better to adhere to the traditional New Year's palette),
  • Silver or gold sequins,
  • Glue, the usual PVA is suitable.

First we prepare popcorn and do not forget thatDo it without oil. The main thing is not to overdry the flakes, so that they do not crumble. Then choose the desired length of the thread, it will be the length of the garland, and we fill it with a needle. Next, make a tight knot at the end of the thread and begin to thread on it popcorn, until it completely filled them. It's better to do it yourself, or closely monitor the child, because you can get hurt with a needle. At the end of the process, we continue to decorate our garland. To do this, put it on a surface prepared for work, apply a thin layer of glue to the popcorn glue and sprinkle the glitter on top. Do not use a lot of glue, otherwise popcorn will melt! Related articles 2. Garland of candied cranberries Well, very delicious piece of jewelry, which is so eager to be eaten. But do not rush to eat delicious and healthy cranberries, because in the form of a garland, it looks simply incredible and truly natural. And the children will be delighted with the fact that they created such beauty with their own hands. What you need:

  • About 500 grams of cranberries,
  • sugar,
  • Dense thread,
  • Large sack needle,
  • PVA glue,
  • Strong cellophane bag.

We produce several tablespoons of glue with a smallThe amount of water, so that the result is a kind of paste. Next, pour the substance into a bag and fall asleep cranberry there without a trace. We tie the cellophane and carefully mix everything until the cranberries are completely covered with glue. Then we fall asleep there two tablespoons of sugar and again thoroughly mix all the contents. Take the paper for baking, spread on it the resulting cranberries and wait until it dries. And only now you can begin to string berries. After selecting the necessary length of the thread, thread it into the needle and proceed to the final stage of creating the garland. Berries in candied form look well very appetizing, so do not forget to remind the child that they are already inedible. 3. Garland of cones The natural beauty of such a garland is just off scale, and natural materials have always been in honor - even before eco-style became mainstream. Doing such a garland with the child, you will show him how important it is to value the gifts of nature and how they can be beautiful. What you need:

  • Cones,
  • Strong yarn, perhaps, bright color,
  • Balloons with paint (optional).

First of all, choose which cones will beUsed. You can take the usual and do not change anything, but you can paint them from cans with silver and gold paint or artificial snow. Then just take a thread of the right size and tie the bumps to it at an interval of about 10 centimeters. To create a snow-covered effect, you can ask the child to sprinkle the garland with sparkles, first applying a thin layer of glue on it. Related articles 4. Garland of cookies Another delicious version of the decoration, which will help create a truly New Year mood. What you need:

  • salty dough,
  • Dense thread,
  • Sack or other large needle,
  • Elements of decoration: stained-glass glue, glitter, paints, etc.

We mix a very salty dough from flour and water. A lot of salt, as you know, makes the dough like clay. Then use the molds, in this case the asterisks, to make cookies and do not forget to make small through holes in each specimen, where you will thread the thread. After baking, the cookies should cool down, and then you can proceed to further work on the garland. To do this, we put on baking glitter or stained-glass glue, which can be alternated so that the garland was even more original. After stringing the cookies on the thread, the main thing is to make the knots so that they are tightly fitted to the asterisks, and they will not twist and hang. Everything is ready, now the resulting beauty can beDecorate Christmas tree. To start, we hang garlands, and after that we add a few Christmas tree toys. Well, now we can enjoy the results of joint creativity. Freutcake.com, Joanne Pio