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New Year's decor 2017: when even a tree is not needed


You have nowhere to put a Christmas tree, but you really want to create a New Year mood? Do not worry, our ideas are enough for you with a vengeance

Very soon the night will come when we openly or secretly even make our own wishes and believe with all our might that the next 12 months of life will be brighter, better and more beautiful than all previous ones.

Night streets burn with a thousand lights, eachThe next tree, meeting us on the way, seems bigger and more elegant than all that we saw before. And we again involuntarily recall the tiny favorite apartment in which such a tree does not fit. But how can this be, will the meters become a restriction for us and the New Year will live only outside the window and on the TV screen? Of course not! Variants of the festive decor "in miniature" are many. Today we will demonstrate the brightest ideas.

Symbolic composition will cause a lot of pleasant associations with guests, and the best addition to it is your mysterious look.

Washing dishes for you is not a boring duty, but an opportunity to plunge into one's own thoughts? Color your thoughts in the shades of the holiday!

Nowhere to put a Christmas tree? Hang it!

Or, gather familiar branches of coniferous trees and glue them with paint tape to the wall.

And you will eat this fir before the end of the winter holidays. Look closely - these are bunches of spicy grass!

It's just a Christmas tree on a ceiling light. Have you ever decorated the doorframes? The moment has come!

Paper snowflakes on the windowpane catch up on you boredom? Glue the blind from them!

This composition does not replace you dressed up a Christmas tree, but certainly unfolds the mood in the right direction.

Everybody knows about the idea of ​​a garland in a bottle, but how about adding a couple of details to it?

New Year's Day is a gift. In kraft bags you can pour a heap of sliced ​​"noodle" paper, and in the very center hide beautiful handles, charms, gift cards, bottles with massage oil, miniatures perfume and many other own ideas. It will be most pleasant to watch the faces of guests taking out their own gift.

Dreaming about the fireplace? Lean against the wall a frame frame and put in front of such a composition here.

A half-liter bank, a hawthorn and a candle - that's the whole secret.

Very minimalist option for busy and ascetic.

Collecting your own magic forest is no less pleasant than admiring it.

A Christmas tree in a bottle. The most real.

This "bouquet" of Christmas decorations is attached directly to the ceiling light.

Chromium in pastel colors - the last "squeak" of the coming holidays, take note.

Decorate the mirror with a mirror, as it turned out, is not the strangest idea ... Do you prefer non-trivial solutions with subtext? We, too.