With your own hands

New Year's Eve with their own hands: a master class with children


New year on the nose. It's time to think about decorating a festive table. We will show how to make a miniature decorative Christmas tree for New Year's serving in just 20 minutes. In order for the festive mood to reign during the New Year's Eve, it is necessary to think carefully not only the list of dishes, but also the decor appropriate to the occasion. In addition to beautiful dishes and napkins with a thematic drawing, it is necessary to complement the serving with original decorative elements, for example, such miniature Christmas trees made from ordinary magazines. You will need:

  • Magazines with glued bindings;
  • Aerosol paints;
  • Liquid sparkles;
  • Asterisks of foam.

Tear off the front and back covers of the magazine.Start work from the last page. Fold the bottom right corner of the page as shown in the photo. Then fold the top right corner so that it touches the center fold. Related Articles Put it together again, but only the entire page,To form a neat triangle. If it does not work out, unfold the sheet and correct the very first bend (right bottom corner). You need to fold the corners correctly only once, and then you will act according to the pattern. When all the sheets are folded, the magazine willA stable shape resembling a silhouette of a tree. To give the handicraft a more festive look, paint it with spray paint and apply a little liquid glitter on top. Completing the transformation of the magazine into a decorative New Year's accessory will help a small foam plastic star that can decorate the top of the tree by attaching it with a conventional toothpick. You can paint the trees any color, sothey will easily fit into your New Year's table setting. Add a few more Christmas tree decorations or candles to them and you have a charming themed decorative composition for the holiday table. Happy and beautiful holidays to you! Related Articles Lesliechristenblog.com taradennis.com