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Interior design small studio apartment: photos and expert advice

The problem of small apartments is eternal. Regardless of whether they are in Russia or in Finland, they share the same small number of square meters. Today we propose to look at another option for creating a small-sized apartment. This truly tiny apartment is located in a two-story house in a residential complex called Luhtitalo. It is built on the shore of Lake Nyasiyarvi in ​​the suburbs of Tampere, Finland. At first the complex was supposed to be used as a holiday home, but later the local population began to buy here square meters for permanent residence. Almost all apartments are very small. However, for each "attached" place for the boat on the dock and an additional room in a separate building for storage of things. This, of course, does not completely solve the problem of organizing space. So, we need the help of designers. Marina Sargsyan was involved in the development of this project. Marina Sarkisyan, designer-decorator In the profession since 2005. Born in the family of the artist, who taught Marina to plunge into art with her head, to see the beauty in the most primitive subjects. She graduated from the Technical University, the School of Design, profile courses at the Career Training Center, and attended design master-classes in Finland. The customer of the project - a young woman who bought this apartment, sometimes to escape from the city bustle and have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature: outside the window - pine trees, and on the wall - skyscrapers and airship "Graf Zeppelin". The apartment is very simple and even primitivelayout: an elongated rectangle. Combined space without partitions. Walls are allocated only a bathroom. Any redevelopment in this complex is prohibited. But the customer did not want to change anything radically. Marina Sarkisyan, designer-decorator: - All the issues of space zoning, we decided at the expense of various finishing materials and textures (panels, paint, wallpaper). So, the kitchen area is separated from the living room area by wooden panels. The warm color of the tree combined with the delicate mint color of the walls creates a unique atmosphere of lightness, comfort and tranquility. On the wall in the room there will be Mr Perswall's wallpapers from the Nostalgic collection, in the corridor - the Fashion collection, and also the Eijffinger wallpaper. The main colors in the apartment are very soft - lemon-mint, there are absolutely no sharp contrast transitions, which supports the state of calm and bliss set by nature. The walls of the studio apartment are decorated with wallpaper, herethere will be soft furniture - a sofa that will simultaneously become a bed. The tiny kitchen has everything you need not only for rest, but also for a long stay: a small built-in refrigerator, stove, sink, a full-fledged dining table. Provides a roomy storage system, consisting of a cabinet, chest and shelves. Opinion of the editorial office: - By the way, the combination of conventional wallpaper with wallpaper in a horizontal strip visually expands a rather narrow space of the corridor. This is an excellent and very effective method for such tiny rooms. Most of the furniture will be purchased in Finland,in the Anttila Kodin store. The only exception is the chair from B & B (Italy). All lighting will be from Modular (Belgium), and textiles and fabrics from Anttila Oy. The bathroom is a bright spot on the backgroundthe rest of the quiet apartment, made in muted tones. Here we use Bardelli Macchine Volanti. Plumbing will be from Scandinavian manufacturers: Ido, Oras, Ifo. Now the project is under implementation. The cost of all finishing works without furniture is 300 000 rubles.

Some tips how to make a small apartment cozier:

  • Studio apartment - perfect planning solutionfor small spaces. There are no unnecessary heavy partitions that occupy a lot of space in such apartments. Therefore, if you buy an apartment, design your apartment or are going to do repairs in your odnushke, from the massive partitions it is better to get rid of.
  • In narrow and cramped premises there is senseUse visual methods of expanding space. One of them, which will be used in this apartment - wallpaper striped. However, there is a subtlety: either the wallpaper should be decorated with a vertical strip, or if you really liked the horizontal - wallpaper with stripes can be combined with monophonic. The effect is very impressive.
  • Choose a multifunctional furniture orfurniture transformer. The small area of ​​the apartment, alas, does not allow buying a bed and a sofa at the same time. Therefore, it is better to use a sofa, which at night will serve as a bed.
  • The more the apartment will have natural light,the lighter and more spacious it will seem. So do not hang the windows with heavy or dark curtains. Limit yourself to long, translucent materials. It is desirable that they are combined according to the color scheme with the color of the walls.
  • Most often in one-room apartments there is onlyone (as in this example), a maximum of two windows. In this case, natural light will not be enough. So, you need to place the most important zones - the living room, the workplace - closer to the window, and all the others, which will be remote from the window, will be well lit by spotlights.
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