Eldorado beckons! Dream bedroom


Today we will talk about the bedroom, in which I want to stay longer. She is able to give a feeling of coziness and tranquility

The bedroom we want to show you seems ideal to us. There is everything: a combination of classics and modernity, coziness, warmth. This is the place where you can relax and gladly spend the evening. A combination of neutral finishing colors withNatural materials are what attracts the eye in this bedroom. A light gray shade is chosen to cover the walls, which is an excellent background for other decor. The rest of the finish is a kind of clean canvas, on which you can paint bright colors, arrange accents, create any compositions. Furniture and textiles are also chosen light,Calm colors: beige blue curtains with ornament, upholstery of armchairs and bed head ... But to search for various accessories (pillows, frames for photographs, etc.) and to solve lighting issues, you can already approach it more boldly.

  • The center of attraction is the bed - alwaysComfortable, large, with decorative cushions. She must have a head. Even if it is not, you can always do it yourself (there are a lot of tips on the Internet on this topic).
  • Near the bed is to equip the area for reading - to put a comfortable chair with a pillow, a floor lamp or another lamp ... It turns out a mini-cabinet. Very convenient and practical!
  • At the window it would be nice to place a dressing table (having put a laptop, magazines, diary, bills on it), and next to it - a comfortable chair or chair.
  • Furniture can be chosen both classical and modern. If it is wooden, then it is worth it to make it old, turning it into a part of a house with a history.