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Forced pump: what is it and why is it for you


Today we will tell you what a chopping pump or sanitary pump is, and how it can make life easier in a country house or at a dacha

Imagine the house of your dreams. He's finally yours. You found it, you could afford it and start to think enthusiastically about planning. And then the ill luck - the sewer exits are not where you want. The windows of the potential kitchen go out onto the road, and not into the forest, the bathroom is tiny and in a single copy, and the laundry room is not provided for.

Today, it is not possible to conduct sewerage everywhere, and there are few people who put this point in the budget. What to do? Go on a compromise and all my life I think - "Oh, if only?".

There is a way out, and it is very simple -.This unit is capable of not only pumping, but also practically silently crushing fecal matter and toilet paper and sending them to the general sewage system or septic tank. This means that it can be placed in any room at a sufficient distance from the general sewage system.

In private houses, forced pumps are capable ofpumping waste water to a distance of up to 100 meters horizontally and up to ten meters vertically. In the vast majority of cases, this is more than enough.

However, this is not all the advantages of household items.Installation of equipment with all pipes, which, by the way, are much thinner than usual, takes only a few hours. The works themselves produce a minimum of noise, which means they will not disturb the household. It is not necessary to cut the supporting structures, and indeed any partitions. Mito Melitonian, architect:

- Such systems are a good solutionmany technical difficulties associated with water diversion. Most often, you come across them when developing projects for public premises, in particular cafes and restaurants. In the presence of a large amount of equipment and the need to comply with design standards, situations arise when the sewage system is in an extremely inconvenient place. And here this device comes to the rescue. As for living quarters, apartments, I have not come across pumps, because I always follow the norms and do not move the bathroom to the opposite end of the apartment. A sewer riser in wet areas is always located in the immediate vicinity of plumbing fixtures.

The range of pumps is wide and can satisfy most requests. Modern manufacturers produce pump-shredders for washstands, toilet bowls, bathrooms, kitchens and public places. - Externally, the sanitary pump is compactthe unit is made of impact-resistant plastic, it can be made both as a free-standing unit and as a device built into the toilet bowl. For operation, the pump requires a connection to a 220 volt network through an RCD or a difavtomat. During installation, the master will use an adjustable wrench, a screwdriver, a hacksaw for plastic, several clamps, pipes and the pump itself. Alexander Popov, technical specialist at SFA

As for white plastic pipes, whichcan not be called the perfect decor for the walls, then they can be covered with gypsum boards or any other building panels. The space in this case will lose only a few centimeters.