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French province in the Russian apartment: the rules of creating the style of Provence

What is the Provence and how to apply it in the interior? We will acquaint you with the characteristic signs of the French style and tell you how to decorate the walls and walls in the Provencal style. Do you want to feel the pleasant atmosphere of the village life of the south of France? Design your interior in the style of Provence. What is its distinguishing feature? What furniture and color?

How to know the Provence in the interior

Provence translated from French meansprovinces. This style was influenced by the southern region of France, Provence. A distinctive feature of the Provencal interior is lightness, simplicity and softness. This style is associated with the bright sun, blue sea, beautiful landscapes, fragrant spices and flowers. He has absorbed the details inherent in the nature and rural life of the French province. This is a romantic style with which you can create a light and cozy atmosphere. The Provencal style is recognizable by pastel shades, floral patterns, elegant light shabby furniture, and forged elements. It also features sewing, cutwork (French embroidery technique), air curtains. The textiles typical of Provence are replete with plant motifs. Fresh flowers are also present in such an interior. They can be found not only in traditional vases, but also in jugs, glass jars, buckets. And they place them everywhere. The pastel colors of the Provencal style seem to have faded in the sun.

Furniture in the Provencal style - an element of decor

Provence has an aged look or reallyis antique or vintage. Moreover, it is advisable to put such furniture (chest of drawers, dressing table or sideboard) in the most conspicuous place to emphasize its age. If the furniture is not old, they deliberately age it, be sure to paint it, make it look slightly shabby and leave traces of chips. Legs of chairs, sofas in Provencal style - carved or forged. Furniture facades are most often made in light shades from walnut, chestnut or natural oak. The presence of a sideboard with open shelves, drawers is a characteristic feature of the Provencal style. All items in the interior have graceful shapes.

The color of the Provence style is natural shades

In the Provencal style, discreet are welcomemuted shades, as if faded. Use milky, white, beige, as well as aqua, lavender, terracotta. And, of course, the color of the sunflower and olive green shades. Another distinctive feature of the Provence style is the combination of pale yellow and pastel blue palettes. The Provence style has absorbed all the natural shades of the southern province.

Vegetative motifs

Obligatory elements of the Provence style are consideredplant and flower motives. You can find them in forged parts, in furniture upholstery, in textiles, curtains, less often in wallpaper. Flowers and herbs are treated in a special way in this interior. Therefore, there are a lot of them not only in images - without natural flowers in any way.

Decoration of the ceiling, walls and floor

In the design of the surface of ceilings, walls and floorscracks and roughness are allowed. Walls are usually painted in a solid color. Although cases of decoration with wallpaper with floral and plant motifs are allowed. Uneven plastering of the walls is an added bonus. Sometimes the walls in the Provencal interior are sheathed with wood panels. In the Provence style, beams with cracks, painted in light colors, are often found in the design of the ceiling. For the floor, they usually choose parquet board, decorative tiles or natural stone. Linoleum and carpet are not suitable for this style. The use of luxurious carpets is allowed for warmth and comfort. It is desirable that they have a long nap.

On a note!

  • If you decide to use wallpaper with floralmotifs, choose a one-color upholstery of furniture. Or vice versa, if the walls are painted in the same color, dilute the interior with floral patterns, using them in the upholstery of furniture, on the covers of chairs, armchairs, curtains.
  • When choosing textiles for this style, give preference to cotton, cotton and linen.
  • To create an interior in the style of Provence, choose natural materials and colors.
  • The decor in this style is many: lovely trinkets, candlesticks, baskets, frames, vases. It is desirable that they were made of glass, porcelain, aged wood, clay, ceramics.
  • In the interior of Provence, in decoration and decoration, slight negligence is allowed.