Apartments more than 90 sq.m.

This is a real loft! Apartment in New York


How to breathe life into an abandoned old buildingcreate a balanced space? Columns, mirrors, antiques and state-of-the-art appliances in one open area. Is this possible? The balance of all decor elements, furnishings and furnishings of the space is a very important design principle. When everything is done correctly, all objects are arranged correctly, the necessary accents are made - then it is comfortable to be in such a space. It is about such a room that will be discussed in our article. This is New York, Prien Street, a beautiful architectural building with spacious windows and pillars, which houses luxurious apartments. Not so long ago, only an abandoned house could be seen at this place. It was put in order, restored, made cozy and beautiful.

Three in one

The main emphasis in this interior is made onspace, air and light. Therefore, there are no partitions between the living room, kitchen and dining room. But with each other, all the premises are in tune. This effect is provided by the correct zoning, furniture, texture, color and finish. Our opinion: - Look at the ceiling in the kitchen area, or rather, at the part where the ventilation is installed. The white color and the rough shape of the structure create a visual balance with the seating area in the living area. At the same time, it works as a dividing wall between the dining room, kitchen and living room.

Echoes of the past and modernity: a harmonious combination

The spacious room is impressive in its scale.Large windows on the side of the facade are decorated with columns, and the building itself looks like a historical exhibit from the last century. This was the reason for the use of columns in the interior decoration of the premises in order to inscribe the past into the present. They are part of the decor, visually divide the room into sections and perform a supporting function. Thanks to this technique, the ceilings seem even higher. Our opinion: - Since the loft style is taken as a basis, it is appropriate to use such elements in it. A large vase, rough bar stools, a chest and other decorative elements in the living room area are in perfect harmony with them. It matches in color with the columns, carpet and upholstered chairs in the dining area. Rough beams, brick, glass and steel are perfectly combined in the kitchen area.

Through the Looking Glass

Mirrors are everywhere in this apartmentand not only in the main room, but also in the bedroom and in the bathrooms. How do they work for visual balance? There is a large mirror in the dining area. It was placed at a certain angle. Since there are spacious windows nearby, this part of the space seems lighter and larger. The mirror favorably emphasized the beautiful lamps that are located opposite it. When the light is on, this technique increases the illumination of the room. Our opinion: - Another mirror, which is in the living area, adds lightness and light to the interior. It reflects tastefully selected interior items, so the mirror looks like a beautiful painting. Therefore, the wall in this part of the room does not look lonely, interesting decor elements are highlighted. The surface of the coffee table also works onairiness and light in the interior. Mirrors in the dining and living areas provide visual accents and highlight these areas. The bedroom is intimately separated from the common space. There is only a small window. To balance the room and create symmetry, another mirror was hung in front of it. In general, the room looks comfortable and peaceful. Our opinion: - In the bathroom, mirrors are in tune with metal elements in color, and in shape - with the rough texture of natural finishes and washbasins. Mirrors in the room look like windows, they enhance the illumination of the space and visually maintain balance. Such a balanced interior, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail, is pleasant to admire, but it is much more pleasant to live in it!