Famous Russian writers at home: interiors for creative people

January 29 - the birthday of the classic worldAnton Chekhov's literature. We will show you his house, as well as the houses of other famous Russian classics. You will be surprised, but many interior design ideas used in them are still relevant. Thanks to the museum houses of Russian writers that have been preserved all over Russia, today we have the opportunity to literally glance at Herzen, Turgenev, Chekhov, Dostoevsky and many others Great writers. We have selected for you the interiors of the houses of nine Russian writers.

Alexander Ivanovich Herzen

In this house, Alexander Herzen lived the lastYears before emigration. A small mansion from the beginning of the XIX century is located in Sivtsev Vrazhke. Now here is a house-museum, recreating the interiors of the living room and the office of AI Herzen.

Vladimir Galaktionovich Korolenko

In Dzhanhota was a dacha of VladimirKorolenko, built in 1902 according to his own drawings and drawings. Now here is located a popular museum among tourists, the writer, and the building itself is a monument of history and architecture. The interior is rather modest, but the building itself is impressive and admirable, while it should be noted that V. Korolenko personally participated in its erection. Opinion of the editors: - Interior of the house of V.G. Korolenko is quite simple: from furniture - the most necessary, a few small photos as decor, "raznoshostny" textiles. Apparently, the writer drew inspiration not in furnishing, but in nature: a desk stands by the window, and the estate itself is located in a picturesque gorge with access to the open sea.

Fedor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky

In this apartment in St. Petersburg FedorDostoevsky wrote his famous novel The Brothers Karamazov. Here the writer lived in the last years of his life. Today the apartment houses the literary-memorial museum of Dostoevsky, giving an opportunity to get acquainted with the interior of a simple but spacious apartment of Russian classics.

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

In this house in Yalta Chekhov was written a lotWorks, among which are "Cherry Orchard" and "Three Sisters". White dacha was bought by the writer himself. I bought a piece of beach with a bath and Pushkin rock near the pier and the park in Gurzuf. We now have a whole bay, in which a boat or a boat can stand. The house is lousy, but covered with tiles, four rooms, large porch. One large tree is mulberry.

AP Chekhov (from a letter to his relatives) Together with his mother and sister Anton Pavlovich Chekhov spent a lot of time here. Now in Yalta there is a writer's house-museum with almost completely preserved rooms.

Nikolai Semenovich Leskov

Nikolai Leskov was born in Orel, on the ThirdThe street of Noble. In his native home for more than 25 years is a literary and memorial museum, among other things, recreating the situation of the St. Petersburg cabinet of the writer. Opinion of the editorial office: - Interior of the cabinet N.S. Leskov - bright, diverse. Massive furniture, a combination of different carpet patterns, wallpapers and upholstery chairs, a lot of paintings and books. All this gives an idea of ​​the owner as a man who is addicted, creative, who gives a lot of time to work and reading. It is interesting that for all the variegated interior Leskov chose the traditional colors for the cabinet design: green and red. Thanks to this, the interior looks classic on one side, and very individual on the other.

Pavel Petrovich Bazhov

The writer himself built this house in Yekaterinburg,The building is more than a hundred years old. Forty years ago a museum with an invaluable exposition was opened here: absolutely everything in the house remained the same as it was during Pavel Bazhov's lifetime. In addition, the library of the writer contains about two thousand books, many - with the autographs of the authors. It was in these original interiors that the famous "Malachite Box" was created. Opinion of the editors: - Three unusual receptions in the house of P. P. Bazhov, which you can take note. 1. Different functions of the premises - different design. The difference between the simplicity of the kitchen interior, practical dining room and elegant bedroom is striking. The rooms are designed according to purpose, this approach is unaccustomed, but definitely has the right to live. 2. Lace textiles. In modern interiors lace is not so common, and in Bazhov's house such textiles have been used quite widely. Lace gives the interior sophistication and ease, with it the situation looks more festive. 3. The samovar at the head of the table. In Bazhov's time, this was not surprising, but in modern interiors the samovar on the table can become a center of serving and surprise the guests. To date, manufacturers of household appliances offer a variety of electrical samovar.

Leonid Nikolaevich Andreev

In Orel, the house of the Russian writer LeonidAndreeva. Almost in its original form it reached our days, thanks to which it is possible to assess the situation in which the author created his immortal works. Currently, the house is a museum of L. N. Andreev.

Leo Tolstoy

The family estate of Leo Tolstoy is in YasnayaGlade. It was here that the Russian writer was born, spent most of his life here, created, created unique images and the greatest literary works. Now in Yasnaya Polyana is a museum-estate of the writer. Laid out at the beginning of the XIX century, today the estate itself has been preserved practically in the same form in which it was loved by Lev Nikolaevich. Opinion of the Editorial Board: - We have chosen three receptions in the interior of the estate of Leo Tolstoy, which can be successfully used in the design of a modern city apartment. 1. The same upholstery of the sofa, armchairs and couches. In combination with a large number of photos, icons and other furniture, these three pieces of furniture look like elements of one collection, skillfully inscribed in the interior. 2. A bright patterned carpet as an accent. The quiet colors of the living room-cabinet are well highlighted by the bright blue-red patterned carpet, so the room does not look boring. 3. Absence of "bare" walls. Almost all the space of the walls is occupied with all sorts of pictures, photographs, icons, bookshelves. This makes him more habitable, gives personality and tells a lot about the owner of the house. Modern interiors often do not have enough of this - a direct link to the identity of their owners.

Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev

Spasskoe-Lutovinovo is a stateMemorial and natural museum-reserve, dedicated to the life and work of IS Turgenev. Virtually all of the things presented in the exposition belonged to the writer and his ancestors. It was here that the best works of the great Russian writer were born. It is written well only living in a Russian village. There, the air seems to be "full of thoughts"! .. Thoughts are asking themselves.

Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev,,,,