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I so want, that the summer did not come to an end! 6 creative ideas for making photos from vacation


Summer was rich in exciting travel andhappy holidays. If you managed to capture bright moments in photos, it's time to create original decorative compositions from them that will decorate your home and prolong the feeling of summer. Summer is over, but nothing disappears in nature without a trace. Take a look into your camera. It must have accumulated a lot of photographs, which capture all the brightest moments of the past three months. By printing your favorite pictures and turning them into an original decorative composition, you can experience bright and joyful summer emotions again and again. We offer a creative approach to the issue of photo decoration and use one (or several) of the ideas that we have collected especially for you.

Photos on clothespins

This way of making photos is original,is simple and almost worthless. You will only need a clothesline (or any other rope, tape, strip of fabric) and clothespins, with which you will hang up the printed pictures. To give the composition a little sophistication,Threads can be pulled inside the picture frames. Not enough fire? Try replacing the rope with a New Year's garland, and your collage will look remarkably spectacular in both the lighted and dark rooms.


If you like the original eclecticinteriors, you can kill two birds with one stone, using a conventional bicycle wheel as a decorative accessory and a photo frame at the same time. To make the wheel harmoniously fit in the interior, it can be painted. To fix a photo to spokes follows all the same clothespins or clerical binders.

Photos in the window

Extremely stylish and extraordinary lookPhotos, which instead of the usual frames are framed by window or door frames. To make the composition really vintage, we recommend using black and white pictures. But even if you prefer color photographs, consider this option. In the end, the frame can always be covered with paint.

Pictures in bottles

Putting pictures in bottles or transparentglasses, you will create a unique decorative composition that will become a real decoration of a mantelpiece or a coffee table. In the same capacity, you can put dry flowers or twigs at the same time.

Modular photos

The most original collage is one that does not consist offrom different photos, and from one divided into parts snapshot. Having beaten the sizes and mutual arrangement of fragments, having excluded or rearranging some of them, you will transform an ordinary photo into an exclusive art object. Split the image into segments you can yourself with the help of special computer programs. You can also refer to specialists who will deal with both the composition and the seal.

Photo Wall Mural

To decorate the interior with photos, do notit is necessary to hole walls or make shelves and coffee tables. Modern manufacturers offer the possibility of ordering exclusive photo wallpapers, consisting of your personal photos. You can decorate the wall with a large family portrait or stop your choice on a collage type option.