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Living room as in the magazine: 5 simple steps -

Looking at the chic pictures of the interiors thatCan be found on the pages of our site or on the web, sometimes you think sadly: they say, yes, I like it very much, but I will never be able to surround myself with such beauty. This very second we cast aside decadent moods! In this article, we will tell you how to give the surrounding environment to your magazine gloss. The secret here is very simple - you need to think like a photographer. Let's start with the living room

Get rid of the mess

Decide on a bold experiment. Pick up the camera or turn on the "photo" mode in your mobile phone and go to the photo shoot through the living room. Feel free to photograph the left cups with unapproved tea, withered and a box with knitting, to which you have not touched for several years. View the pictures on the big screen. This trick will allow you to see the room with a fresh look and easily identify problem areas. Now it remains only to get rid of all visible interference. Our opinion: - Confusion and the accumulation of things can spoil even the most stylish interior created by a professional designer. Give time, let it even take a whole day to conduct a general audit. The room will immediately play in a new way. Getting rid of unnecessary things, in the future you can easily maintain order.

Less things

The times when for the creation of so-called cozinessOn the shelves collections of porcelain cats were collected, long gone. Emptiness is not enemy number 1, but that missing element that will fill the living room with air and allow you to feel the space even on the most modest square. Try to rearrange the furniture, removing the longest bulky items. In a more open space, you will immediately feel better.

More texture

Monotony, including tactile, castsBoredom. At your disposal leather, wood, fur, silk, glass, metals, natural stone - the choice of materials is great. As an emergency detox, use soft cushions, a fluffy plaid or a rug in which feet are buried. Ekaterina Kokoulina, creative director of R.V.K. DESIGN: - Beautiful interior is a competent combination of small nuances. Sometimes two tissues can not combine, but if you pick the right third fabric, it will unite and emphasize their features. Making out the living room, you need to act boldly. Do not be afraid to use different textures of textiles, wood, wall coverings. In the living room we spend a lot of time, so in this large room should be cozy and interesting. The combination of different textures will help create comfort, and effective accents - it can be large paintings, vases, large lamps or some other small decoration - will make the interior dull and spectacular. Our opinion: - A variety of textures not only decorates the room, but also favorably influences your mood. Give preference to natural materials - and soon you will notice how your psycho-emotional state will improve.

Choose a color

The color that predominates in the interior affects themood. Therefore, refer to the choice of colors carefully. For some, only one or two bright accents are enough, otherwise the situation will "crush". How to choose the color for the bedroom, read in. Ekaterina Kokoulina, creative director R.V.K. DESIGN: - The color can be anything! Red, blue, yellow walls in the living rooms are very often found in the works of American and European interior designers. If it's very scary to paint walls in bright colors, then you can put some big bright piece of furniture. For example, a yellow-orange sofa. Against the background of a light blue wall it will look great. And even if the windows of your living room go north, there will be a feeling of a sunny day in the room. I like to use this technique in practice with a large bright object - it always works.

Balance and proportions

The combination of massive and small in size thingsGives space dynamics, and deviation in one direction or another introduces chaos into the situation. Look again at the photos you made. Pay attention to how the furniture and accessories relate to each other. Ekaterina Kokoulina, creative director R.V.K. DESIGN: - Speaking about the balance and proportions in the living room, in my opinion, it is important to note the dimensions of the furniture, since this is the most common mistake. In shops, in large retail areas, both armchairs and sofas look smaller than their real sizes, but when they are brought home, the buyers are surprised: how it happened - the sofa occupied the entire room ... When choosing furniture, it is important not only to determine the dimensions of the products, Passages, but also imagine that it will be large color spots in the living room. And most likely they mass will "crush" the rest of the decor in the room. Choose furniture easier, on legs. And remember: soft furniture should not occupy more than 1/3 of the space in the room.