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Mediterranean style in the interior of the living room


Dreaming of "summer" repairs, but do not wantLimited to a bright palette and tropical plants on the windowsill? Take a look at this interior of the living room in the Mediterranean style, it will surely inspire you for a couple of ideas

This time we decided to tell you about only one room. About the living room in the Mediterranean style, it is already good in itself. Ekaterina Kozlova, decorator

Born in St. Petersburg, graduated from the Instituteculture and art. Later she moved to Moscow, where she entered the "Details" studio school and got the qualification of a practicing decorator there. Trained and took various master classes in America and Europe. In 2015, she completed an internship at the KLC London School. He is fond of contemporary art and follows trends in the art market.

- The concept of the interior is to recreateliving room in a house by the sea. The interior is designed in a style that creates a romantic atmosphere of peace and tranquility, comfort and harmony of a quiet family life outside the city.

The layout of this space includedminor changes, a structure was erected that separated the living room from the corridor leading to the bathroom. The entrance to the bathroom was hidden behind a door with an invisible box. The arched doorway is balanced by an arched structure on the wall, which compactly accommodates the piano and TV.

Large ones with the ability to exit to the garden give a lot of light, thanks to which the space visually increases.

In the living room there were several functional areas: musical, dining and soft.

Was chosen in accordance with the specified stylistics - the main white color and accent blue (all kinds of its shades).

The decoration of the walls uses decorative plaster, which creates an additional effect of man-made.

In the interior there are many elements andReceptions, typical for the interiors of the Mediterranean: on the ceiling there were wooden beams, the arched construction is decorated with ceramic tiles handmade in shades of azure sea. This work was performed in Yuri Osinin's studio. The wall opposite is decorated with decorative patterns of sea corals, also made by hand. The upholstery of the sofa and armchairs from natural textured pastel colors contrasts well with decorative cushions in shades of soft blue and blue.

To add a few modern accents to this classic interior, I hung the reproductions of abstract painting on the walls. Photo: Yevgeny Kulibaba.