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Nordic high-tech with windows on the floor: apartment in Moscow -


Minimalism and Art Deco - how to combine correctlythese distinctive styles in one apartment? What needs to be done in order for the white color to "play" in the interior? How to place pieces of furniture, but still keep the air? Interior designer Stepan Bugaev knows the answers to these riddles. And after reading the article, you will also find out. Interior designer Stepan Bugaev has long pleasantly surprised us with his professionalism and creative approach to work. He creates wonderful spaces in completely different styles: we have already told you about the interiors of his studio, as well as about the apartment where they are combined. And in the project "Stay" minimalism and art deco are amazingly combined. And Stepan told us in more detail about the creation of this unique space. Project of the studio "Pobeda Design" "Project" Stay "Is a space of minimalism and art deco, which shows how white can “play” with furniture. The most important thing for the landlords was to preserve the air. This can be achieved without cluttering the space with furniture and minimally dividing the premises among themselves. Customers are young, energetic residents of the metropolis, for whom the house is a personal area for relaxation and privacy. In the interior, they prefer light shades, simple shapes and open spaces. Project studio "Victory of Design" The project of the studio "Pobeda Design" Keeping the initialthe parameters of the object - the modern architecture of the house, floor-to-ceiling windows, high ceilings - we got a complete harmony of minimalism in the interior and exterior. The absence of blank doors between rooms seems to expand the space. Mandatory in the layout

  • Isolated dressing room.
  • In addition to the main bath there must be a guest shower room.
  • In the main bathroom there is a separate bath by the window.
  • Furniture should not block large windows on the floor.
  • Common area of ​​the bedroom and bathroom, using a partition.
  • Large space for bedroom area. In the bedroom there is a bio fireplace.
  • Studio kitchen and living room area. In the dining area must necessarily be a dining table for four.

To the selection of furniture and materials for this object, weapproached with special trepidation, because customers have come to us not for the first time, and we were fully prepared for increased attention to the quality and design of the items offered. Snow-white walls, painted with American paint Benjamin Moore, add incredible volume to an already small apartment. The project of the studio "Design Victory" Our opinion:- White color in the interior makes the space lighter and more voluminous. It visually expands the space. White walls allow you to quickly change the interior at the request of the owners and are an excellent backdrop for any decor. Do not think that this color is impractical - modern paints are easy to clean. One of the most important advantages of white in the interior is that in such a space, people feel free. Crystal white is also repeated in floor coverings that are made using self-leveling floor technology. Only in the main bathroom and in the bedroom is the floor covered with an array of moisture-resistant teak wood. The apartment uses floor convectors of the Czech company ISAN, which makes the heating system almost invisible. Zehnder towel rails blend in with the walls in the bathrooms. The project of the studio "Pobeda Design" The idea of ​​the designer aboutinconspicuous, built-in pieces of furniture and invisible partitions are reflected in the realization of light. Panzeri lighting is used throughout the apartment, except for the dining area, where a magnificent Dutch brand Van Egmond chandelier hangs. Our opinion: - Built-in furniture does not have a body, it is fixed to the walls, ceiling or floor. Furniture of this type is ideal for visual changes in the room, as well as for correcting imperfections in the walls. The only drawback of built-in furniture is that it is designed for a specific room. The main color of the interior is white. It maintains the integrity of the interior and white self-leveling floor, made in the living room, kitchen, dining room and study areas. The Panzeri Invizible's lighting system allowed the interior to be kept as minimalistic as possible without compromising the evening lighting. Living room The common area of ​​the kitchen, dining room and living room creates a maximum of free space and gives the interior airiness. All furniture in the living room echoes the dining group and the interior elements are selected from the same manufacturer. Sofas - both in the living room and in the office - were ordered from the democratic Italian brand Bonaldo. The sofas in both rooms are complemented by Former armchairs. Studio project "Design Victory" Kitchen and dining roomCompletely hidden white matt fronts by the German manufacturer Leicht made the kitchen uncompromisingly minimalistic. The emphasis is placed on the dining area, which, in contrast to the kitchen, is made in natural shades of wood. Table and chairs from the Italian brand Arkeos. The project of the studio "Pobeda Design" Cabinet This is the mostthe favorite place of the owner of the apartment, so the furniture was selected here especially carefully and for a long time. The choice fell on the premium Italian brand Besana, which is the undisputed leader of cabinet furniture and has been distinguished by its consistently high quality over the years. The office chair of the Arper brand successfully fits into the concept of the office and the entire apartment. The wall clock without a dial was a perfect match for the minimalist design of the office. The strict design of the cabinet is emphasized by contrasting upholstered furniture. The closet in the background is highlighted only by the open shelf, trimmed with wood. Project of the studio "Victory of Design" Studio project "Design Victory" Bedroom Designbedroom stands out from the general style of the apartment. The furniture is selected in a classic style. A bed with a voluminous headboard is the center of the composition. The bed, bedside tables and couch are from Arkeos, and the armchair is from the Italian manufacturer IFAB. The bedroom is solved in a rather unusual way, because it is in this area that classic furniture is integrated into a minimalistic interior. In support of the furniture, there is a ceiling dome with a classic relief decor and built-in lighting. A wardrobe according to the designer's sketches was ordered from the Italian factory Former. Project of the studio "Victory of Design" Studio project "Design Victory" BathroomThe idea of ​​pure white is also realized in the bathroom, where the shower walls are finished with seamless tiles from Arch-skin. When choosing bathroom fixtures, the emphasis was placed on the freestanding bathtub of the Italian company Jacuzzi. All other plumbing fixtures and furniture in the main bathroom are handpicked from the Italian manufacturer Cielo. The guest bathroom has German Duravit sanitary ware. Partitions in both bathrooms are from the Pauli factory. Since the bathroom and the bedroom are practically a single room, the interior of the bathroom is designed as a continuation of the room, for example, a boudoir area is located at the entrance. The toilet area inside the bathroom is separated by a frosted glass partition that turns into transparent shower doors and is decorated with a sandblast banner. Project of the studio "Victory of Design" Project of the studio "Victory of Design" Project of the studio "Victory of Design"