With your own hands

Crazy handles: how to turn the standard IKEA chair into an original coffee table. Master Class


We continue to show you amazingthe transformation of IKEA's standard items into exclusive interior accessories. Today you will learn how to convert an ordinary chair into an unusual coffee table-button. Do you like IKEA in the way we like this brand? We are sure that yes. In addition to the rich assortment and the adequate cost, the items from IKEA have a huge potential for modernization, so that you can always afford to create something with your own hands. Here, for example, the standard model of a chair called Marius. But the original coffee table-button, in which you can easily turn the above-mentioned chair.

How to do it

First, collect the chair according to the instructions. Prepare everything you need to work. In addition to plywood, jigsaw and rope you will need a tracing paper, a pencil, sandpaper, a drill and glue. Put the tracing paper on a plywood board, and on topplace an inverted chair. Using a pencil, transfer the contours of the seat and 4 holes to the plywood. Note: you need to circle every second hole. Jigsaw or other joinery toolscut a circle out of the plywood. Handle its edges with sandpaper to make them smooth and smooth. Then use a drill and a drill with a diameter of 20-25 mm to make the button holes. They are also worth treating from the inside with sandpaper. Place the plywood circle on the chair seat andtie it with a colored rope (in our example, it is red). To enhance fixation, you can pre-glue both parts of the structure. You can choose from several thread placement options to make the coffee table top look like a button. That's all. Now in your interior there was an exclusive coffee table from a young and promising designer, who you are! makerssociety.com.au