Bathroom repair: 6 things you can not save on


Do not know what to save on itrepair the bathroom, so you do not have to pay twice? Then our article will help you determine where you can painlessly cut your budget, and in which cases you should not do it. During repair, we are faced with a difficult choice: where you can save money and where to do it at all is undesirable. It is all the more difficult to make such decisions about the bathroom, because it requires a special approach both in the selection of materials and in the work. And our today's material will help you to make life easier and solve this problem. We will consider the moments where it is better not to stint that in the future you do not have to pay twice.

1. Mixers and pipes

Of course, you can save on branded furniture.or even on tiles without sacrificing quality, but it's better not to spare money on the faucets that we use every day and on communications. After all, buying cheap valves, pipes and little things for their connection, one day we can come home and see "Repin's picture" ... To avoid such incidents, all water communications should be properly planned, and also made sure of their quality. Our opinion: - It will be very good if it turns out to plan all water communications so that they are not visible, but there was unhindered access to the taps and meters. You should also reduce the number of different hoses as much as possible, as they wear out quickly and are often the culprit of floods.

2. Grout

As you know, the catch is in small things, soif you decide to take a cheap grout on the principle "and so will come down, you can get a lot of unpleasant consequences. A cheap grout of white color on a cement base will quickly turn yellow and cover with spots - not a very bright prospect, right? And other color solutions with inaccurate handling quickly cracked and begin to fall out of the seams. Therefore, in recent years, more often use epoxy grout - it is more high-quality, durable and waterproof.

3. Bathtub

When choosing a shower or bathtubthink about what exactly functions there should be. After all, if you just swim and do not need a built-in phone, radio, hydromassage, aromatherapy and other excesses, then there is no reason to overpay for them. But for what it is worth paying, it is for the quality of the bath material, so that it has served you as much as you need and does not lose its attractive appearance.

4. Labor power

Bathroom repair should be done by specialistswith experience, not amateurs. Since only a professional will do everything correctly and orient in the situation, if there is some problem in the course of the work. After all, once saving, then every time you go into the bathroom to wash or take a shower, you will remember that very "master" not a very kind word.

5. Waterproofing

Ceramic tiles do not give 100%guarantees against leakage, and therefore, to prevent flooding of neighbors, experts use waterproofing. Even at the stage of preparatory work, they treat the surface with special solutions or use waterproofing materials. As a result of this simple and inexpensive step, in the future, you can avoid not only scandals with neighbors from below, but also payments to them for their damaged repairs. Our opinion: - Along with waterproofing the floor, do not forget that other parts of the bathroom should be protected from moisture penetration. Silicone will perfectly cope with this, because with its help you can protect even the smallest gaps in the room from water ingress, which will prevent the formation of fungus and bacteria in these places.

6. Finishing

Selecting materials for finishing, it is better to turnattention not to the name of the manufacturer - you can always run into a fake, but the quality of the product. But even without unnecessary decorative finishing, you can get a very nice and quality repair. For this it will be enough to simply plaster the walls and paint them with waterproof paint. In order to save materials, this output will be especially good with a limited budget and a large size of the bathroom.