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Mirror houses-invisible in the Alps


These twin houses are as invisible: Depending on the weather and lighting them sometimes is generally not noticeable. And it seems that inside them there is also something transparent or mirrored. And inside - comfort and beauty. Let's take a look? The project called Mirror Houses is located amidst a stunning nature near the city of Bolzano, which is in the Italian Alps. Its authors from the architectural bureau Peter Pichler Architecture created a truly incredible, modern and even innovative design. Taking into account all the wishes of the customer, the masters worked to the glory, and now these luxury twin houses are ready for renting.

1. The embodiment of a dream

The owner of this residence lives in theNear a farmhouse of the 60s of the last century and always dreamed of making cozy houses for rent on their site. And it's not just a profit, he wanted other people, like him, also to appreciate the beauty of these places while being in modern apartments with all the conditions for a comfortable stay. By the way, the price for one night is 200 euros, but if you are going to stay here for more than three days, then for a day you can pay already for 150 euros.

2. Natural Beauty

The buildings have their own garden and a separateparking, but the main trump card of these houses, of course, are the mirrored facades, which reflect simply incredibly beautiful natural landscapes. And so that the birds do not crash into the marvelous walls, the latter are equipped with a special coating that prevents the birds from being deceived. Moreover, only the rear facades of the buildings are mirrored, and in front they are glazed and smoothly merge into the terrace. Be that as it may, the houses are very harmoniously blended into the environment and seem to have always been a part of this corner of magical nature.

3. Look inside

Going inside, you can make sure that the apartment is notvery large in size, but this does not prevent them from being spacious and comfortable. The houses do not differ in appearance, they are an exact reflection of each other, the same can be said about the interiors. Each of them consists of a living room combined with a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. It is impossible not to note the fact that in the bedroom, right on the ceiling, there is a window that allows you to admire the inviting starry sky on clear nights. By the way, the house also has a small basement designed to be a place for temporary storage of things.

4. Push the boundaries

Despite the fact that there is very little space inside,it is not felt at all, rather, on the contrary, there is a certain lightness and spaciousness. This result is achieved thanks to the competent decision to use minimalism, and even in combination with white. And mirror and other reflective surfaces only enhance this effect. Arrangement of the interior with only the most necessary with an almost complete absence of decor is absolutely the right choice of the authors of the project. After all, the main decoration here is the surrounding nature and its majestic beauty, therefore, there is no need to be distracted from such a miracle by various decorative elements., Nicolò Degiorgis, Oskar Da Riz