Scandinavian style: 20 white kitchens and advice on their equipment

Perhaps you think that the white kitchen is goodLook only in pictures, but in real life, with all its disorder and chaos, they have no place. We will prove that beauty, purity and functionality are completely compatible. The white kitchen is a clean sheet on which you can write anything. White will fit into the high-tech style and will be beautiful in the "palace" entourage. The main thing is not to forget that behind the outward gloss is the reasonable and convenient content to hide, and to focus not only on beautiful pictures, but also on real needs. Perhaps you have doubts about common prejudices about using white (especially in the kitchen). Let's try to refute them.

White is beautiful, but impractical

Modern materials repel dirt, exceptMoreover, the stains appear in any kitchen, but where will you notice and take them away faster - on a white surface or on a brown surface? Choose glossy smooth materials - matte soiled faster, rough surfaces harder to clean. Provide a comfortable capacious sink,To easily maintain cleanliness. For example, a faucet can be attached to a wall to make room, and can turn into a sliding shower. It's great if there is a second bowl in the sink, a separate tap for drinking water and a built-in waste shredder: less splashing, less garbage - a clean white kitchen. Inga Azhirey, designer: - I like white kitchens, if only because decorative accessories - colored decorative spatulas, boards, textiles - can often be changed, and everything will look good and in a new way. When buying, always actively touch the material from which the kitchen will be made, do not hesitate. It is necessary to understand how the surface will behave in life. It is best if there are no traces or if the prints are easily deleted. The only impractical use of white in the kitchen is, perhaps, the table top in the work area, which is exposed to maximum impact: dirt, water, shocks, hot objects. Perhaps, it is necessary to equip the kitchen with the maximum number of boards and supports or choose the most suitable material, taking into account all of it. To reduce the bottlenecks of the lower cupboards, let the table top protrude slightly and close from the spray. Asya Bondareva, designer: - I recommend to order the worktops after the installation of the kitchen, as correct measurements can be removed only after the complete assembly of the kitchen set, this will allow to obtain an ideally fitted surface. The process will be a little longer, but the result is worth it.

White will not tolerate confusion

It's easy to answer: "Then do not create a mess" - but how? Indeed, blockages on a white background are somewhat more noticeable than, say, gray. But there is a way out - make sure that you fully use all the places for storage in the kitchen. Check - whether you are satisfied with the size and placement of all drawers and shelves before buying. Why not immediately provide, for example, a place for storing bottles? Narrow retractable shelves are very good for storing jars of spices and save space. And do not forget about the main thing that they are comfortable and quality. Side open shelves on the lower level are suitable for storing really relevant, beautiful and used things - for example, cookbooks. But the upper area of ​​the kitchen can be used by installing a rail - a metal tube or rail, on which you can hang baskets, hooks for blades and noise, even pans. Closed cabinets can perform two functions at once- hide or unobtrusively demonstrate. Close the door to the shelf with a microwave oven, if it does not fit into the interior, but put your favorite service in an elegant glassed cabinet, so it will be in sight, but safe from dust and pets. Open shelves - a solution for the neat andBorn decorators. If you put vases on them or beautiful plates and glasses, they will undoubtedly attract attention. But if on open shelves you plan to keep old pans and covers, it is better to fold them into wire or woven baskets. Inga Azhirey, designer: - When choosing a kitchen set, simply lay out all your dishes - large and small, appliances and accessories - and look at it carefully. Is this all or are you planning to buy more? In the end, you will understand how much box for large dishes you need to provide for how many drawers for small items. As for the open shelves - if you are not ready to maintain the perfect order and build cups for growth and color, then instead of the desired feeling of ease and spaciousness, you simply get a mess. Better neat, closed boxes, even in a small kitchen, than a sea of ​​things on an open shelf. If you store something on the kitchen cupboards under the ceiling, then most likely it's something that you use very rarely. Perhaps in some cases it is better to abandon the hanging lockers at all. You can store all the necessary items in low-floor or tall narrow cabinets, but, perhaps, this is an option for a large kitchen and extremely thoughtful management. Many items in the kitchen are made of metal,So magnetic strips for storage will be useful for you - both vertical and horizontal. First of all it is convenient for storing knives, but you can, for example, attach a notepad for notes and notes to magnets.

White is boring

White is sometimes considered too sterile and think,That the white kitchen will look like an operating room. But unlike dark shades, white practically emits light, and it is possible to add heat and brightness to it with textiles, accessories, decor. White is a universal color and looks good in any combination. Choose: bright details, black and white graphics or a combination with pastel shades. Why not diversify the interior with textures? White looks great in combination with wood, metal, tiles. There are many ways to make your kitchen Asya Bondareva, designer: "In my opinion, do not be afraid of white kitchens, they give the room a sense of spaciousness and cleanliness. Still it is a very good background for a smart kitchen apron and beautiful dishes. So boldly decide! Finally, provide in your white kitchen a place for fresh flowers - they will always delight, inspire and cheer up.