The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Swedish apartment in the style of Khrushchev: 55 square meters in Stockholm

Service in an aquarium, a bicycle in the kitchen, a bathroomwithout a bathroom ... Today our choice fell on an apartment from Stockholm, the interior of which is suitable for Russian realities. This apartment, located in the heart of Sweden, very much resembles our Khrushchev - a small living room, a small bedroom, a narrow corridor and a close bathroom. Yes, and the area is almost the same - 55 square meters. Many of us are tormented, thinking about how to arrange everything in order to live comfortably, and everything looked beautiful and functional.

Friendly narrow corridor

How can a narrow corridor be attractive andfriendly? Oh sure! Here's an example: to visually increase the space of a small corridor, in the decoration of walls and ceiling used a white color. On the one hand, they installed a mirror, on which daylight falls from the window of another room. This method makes the corridor lighter. The watches and original lamps were picked up in a tone, so as not to distract attention from the bottom of the interior. Since the corridor does not differ in size, it was equipped with the most versatile object of the hall - a banquet. She has an original form, a bright color, which immediately raises the mood.

Service in an aquarium and a bicycle in the kitchen

From the corridor to the main room there is no door, thatallowed to save square meters. When you go into this unusual space, it seems that you get to the film studio, where you make a film. This is facilitated by the situation in the room: spacious windows from ceiling to floor without curtains, studio reflector on a tripod, a concrete table, lamps on cords, on the wall - unusual photos. In the center of the room instead of a coffee table is a suitcase like in the movie "The Adventures of Indiana Jones" and many interesting decor items. It's amazing to see a bicycle in the kitchen, although it blends beautifully with the color. But even more fun looks elegant service, placed in an old aquarium. In this small space it was possible to arrange a kitchen, a dining room and a living room. What is interesting is that each of them looks different, but somehow they all resonate with each other, creating a single whole. Modern kitchen furniture is made in the style of minimalism. White color and glossy surfaces work perfectly with open windows to increase the space. Light reflects on the furniture on both sides, making the room lighter and more spacious. Black color serves as a delimiting element. He brings to the interior an elegant color and harmoniously coexists with concrete, metal and glass. With the help of black details it was possible to designate each zone. This can be seen in the elements of furniture, on the carpet, paintings, decorative cushions and in various small details. They are all interconnected. For example, above the concrete table is a lighting system, which consists of ordinary lamps on black cords with gilded details. Nearby is a candlestick, and in the living area there are many small decorative objects and a lamp made of gilding. All this supports each other, and in cooperation with the sex creates a warm, cozy atmosphere. Black in combination with gray and metal sets an elegant setting, and gold makes a note of luxury in the interior. Our opinion: - Black color in the interior is dosed, then it emphasizes the dignity. Otherwise, it can bring a share of drama into space.

Perfect decor from the outside

I would like to note one design trick. The perfect complement to this interior is the brick walls of the neighboring building, metal barriers and trees. The exterior decoration is interconnected with the interior decoration of the room. And the flowers on the balcony and in the room are like a continuation of the local nature. Therefore, there are no curtains on the windows. In addition, that it allows a lot of light into the apartment, it turns out an ideal union with the outside world.

Bedroom with insects and black curtains

It is evident that the interior of this apartment is createdfor active modern people, not devoid of a sense of taste, style and humor. Black color and insects in the bedroom ?! Immediately there are gloomy associations ... But not in our case! See how interesting and skillful you can beat this in the room. Space does not have a large area. He decided to decorate with a rich blue color, and black only emphasized his beauty. The wooden back of the bed and the gold color of the lamps added a little heat. Textiles here work to pacify. The atmosphere of the room seems to plunge into a quiet, peaceful night. True, not everyone will dare to hang over their heads images of such insects, and even large ones. Our opinion: - If you decide to hang a picture or photo at the head of the bed, choose images that will set you up for rest. For example, sunset or sea surface.

Instead of a bath - a washing machine

In small rooms, the most difficultorganize space. But with this task in the bathroom we coped well. The base color is light gray. White color plumbing and chrome parts organically look and interact with each other. Small mosaic in small spaces has proved very positive. It creates a stylish look, is easy to clean and works for a visual increase in the room. The bathroom had to be sacrificed. But instead she got a mini-laundry with a comfortable table top and hanging cupboards. In a confined space this is a great luxury. Our opinion: - In the room there is a shower cubicle with glass partitions. To make the bathroom look attractive, colorful towels, flowers and a figurine of a green fantasy animal were used as accents. If you have a small living space, with the proper organization of space it is easy to turn into a functional and stylish room.