Organization of space

TV in the interior: whether it is necessary to hide it

When trying to place a TV in the interiorEveryone faces such a problem: how not to let him take the main place in the room. And after all he and strives. What to do with it and whether it is necessary to try to hide a cat in a bag - in our article. If TVs appeared in the interior more than 2,000 years ago, they would certainly have come up with some right place in the house. But since the archetype of housing debates was formed long before the first blue screen appeared, we are dealing with what we have: this magic box and strives to occupy the main place in the room, wherever you put it. And here the whole furniture industry is working for the benefit of creating furniture, in which you can hide the TV. Especially for him, cabinets are being created, clever mechanisms are being devised, which help to hide the TV in the console. And even a mirror-TV has already been invented. However, ordinary people are not born with shit. Look, what a great way to reconcile the TV with the interior they came up with!

Curtains and shutters

If these designs do not confuse you very muchTheir somewhat sham kind, they are - an ideal option in order to be able to sometimes not even observe the presence of the TV in the interior. By the way, if you hide it from children, then really, you can also hang the lock on the sash.

Make the TV part of the overall wall decor

Of course, this task is not from the lungs. However, who said that it will be easy? When did you lift your multi-inch, did it seem easy to you? Well, and place it will be just as hard. He is almost a chest of drawers. Only thinner. So, we place your plasma just on the chest of drawers. And around it on the wall we hang pictures and photos. Better - all in different frames. To black or gray frame the screen is not much in the eye rushed.

Create him a competition

Strange as it may seem, competition to the TV is quiteYou can create it by simply placing it on an open rack. It is desirable that on the shelves stood various baskets, boxes, books and magazines. Among such a variety, the plasma panel will not stand out. Do not believe me - try it!

Bring it to the point of absurdity

Use the theatrical reception: Bring the situation to the point of absurdity by installing a modern plasma panel on a beautiful chest of drawers in the classics and neoclassic styles. It is better if the chest of drawers is bright color. Surprisingly, the TV on its background will no longer be the main character. All attention will be given precisely to the chest of drawers.