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Four-room apartment in Moscow: orange color in the interior

Not sure how to fill your modern life with lifeinterior? Try adding orange. For example, we have an excellent apartment. This bright interior is a reflection of the nature of its owners, energetic young people who are fond of extreme sports. Ekaterina Saraeva, Anna Domnikova, Tatiana Plesser, DESAPT:

Several years ago, having behind one's shouldersHigher education, graduated from the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, Modern timeline of design, where they became familiar, became friends and realized that now the design of interiors is not just a favorite profession, but also a lifestyle.

The design studio implements interiors of any kind - from private to public, from apartments and cottages to offices, bars and restaurants.

In their work, girls are guided by the principle: there are no two identical projects, since the most important detail when creating an interior is his idea, but it is always individual.

The studio's motto is: "We do not do standard projects, we make your dream come true and create a mood."

The customers of this project are a family with two children,Young, energetic people, keen on extreme sports. The predilections of the owners largely determined the architectural and color components of the future interior.

A special feature of the interior was complex plastic; ceiling and wall construction. The bizarre forms, as a rule, carry a functional load, here they become storage systems.

During the development of the project, designerswere inspired by the idea of ​​"integrity of space": the designs on the ceiling were originally an integral element, and then this design was "opened" and separate elements appeared on the ceiling.

Designed by designers with a height of 150 mm, it has a practical function - the supply of communications.

The interior colors are based on brighta combination of three colors. Gray and black contrast with juicy orange, which, on the one hand, is a kind of rebellious impulse - to express the inner world of customers through color, on the other - a desire to create a positive attitude and a sunny mood. As you know, - one of the most cheerful colors, in addition, it stimulates the brain and improves appetite, so designers often use it to decorate the kitchen-living room. Another feature of the project was the use of combinations of different types of lighting fixtures, giving in the given combinations different types of architectural lighting.

In this project, most of the furniture will be madeto order, according to the sketches of designers: a play wall in the children's room, a wardrobe and a bookcase in the guest bedroom, bookcases in the living room, a wardrobe, a cupboard in the master bedroom, a kitchen.

The kitchen is equipped with all necessary electrical appliances, and an island with a corian counter top was also designed.

In the living room there is a dining table, beyond which the family gathers in the evenings and on weekends. You can relax, watch TV or read on the comfortable sofa of BoConcept.

On the balcony, at the request of the owners, organizeda separate working area, for which the balcony was included in the warm rooms and all the necessary insulation measures were taken. The wardrobe was created according to the designer's sketches, the bed had to be chosen in a modern style with a lacquered base and clear geometric shapes - the choice fell on the Italian factory Silenia. The factory produces high quality furniture, accessories and interior items in a modern style.

On the floor - an engineering board Coswick under the darkoak, which echoes with the white bulk. The main tone of the walls is light gray, which gives rich opportunities for their decoration, including photographs taken by the hostess of the house. The project uses the doors of the Ferrero Legno. All the furniture was chosen for reasons of price and quality, as well as from those factories that have proven themselves excellently during cooperation with designers.